I can't begin to tell you how much I love this blog.

Some beauty blogs and websites don't practice what they preach…they just don't look pretty!

The content may be fabulous but I'm often put off by the poor design, difficult navigation, grainy photos and shadowy video tutorials.*

So I was thrilled to discover The Beauty Department ~ it's a breath of fresh air!

It looks beautiful, it's simple, easy to read with some off the chart photo tutorials and video tutorials on all manner of beauty & hair related topics.

{I even shared their super vintage waves tutorial on Sunday Beauty School last week}.

I was never a fan of The Hills but I am a HUGE fan of Lauren Conrad's style, she always looks so polished. And she is one of the team {as well as model/beauty guinea pig} behind The Beauty Department!

Here's one of their latest tutorials on brow shape {and you know how I feel about defined brows ~ super important for your wedding day and beyond!}

It's the perfect visual representation of using the angle of a make up brush to show you where your eyebrows should start so they're not too close together or far apart, where they should taper to at the ends {not too long or short} and the angle where the natural curve should be. Check out the full tutorial here.

See what I mean? Great stuff!

There's more specific wedding related beauty tutorials too such as this chic and simple bridal updo but I think the majority of their tutorials are useful for brides, or anyone wanting to look and feel pretty.

Hope you enjoy reading it as much as I do!

*By the way, there are lots of lovely beauty blogs too! And Bridal Musings is by no means perfect!!!