In my three years at Bridal Musings I’ve seen a lot of stationery trends, from copper foil press, to paperless invites, and marbled prints, to Polaroid save the dates. And a lot of those trends are still as cool now, as they were when they first started popping up on Pinterest.

But around here, we’re all about the future, and the kind of wedding stationery couples getting married in 2017, 2018 and beyond, can expect to see when they start planning their big days.

So when it comes to forecasting trends and being ready for the next big thing, we’ve recruited a special guest to guide us through the most unique stationery ideas for weddings.

April Luca is the owner of Gold Sky Productions, who produce the most incredible A-list events in New York and Los Angeles. As innovation is at the heart of all she does, she’s just the person to share her ideas on setting the right tone for your wedding with one-of-a-kind invitations.

Over to you April…

Stationery by Refine Studio, Photo by Miesh Photography via Bridal Musings

Each wedding is unique to the couple, their story, their love, and their life together.

Couples painstakingly design their weddings to reflect their perfect vision. Engaging your guests from the moment they receive their wedding invitation is a wonderful way for them to begin the journey with you to the alter.

Unique wedding invitations will have your guests looking forward to celebrating with you when you say “I do!”.

Plantable Invitations

Invitation by Botanical Paper Works

When planning our wedding, our conversation kept surrounding family, friends and creating memories for our celebration.

We truly believe that in bringing everyone together for our holiday weekend wedding that we would be planting seeds of everlasting friendships, memorable​ shared moments and beautiful lifetime bonds between new and old friends.

As a component to our wedding, we will be planting a tree on my fiancé’s property that ​we are getting married on ​as a lasting memory of our love and the day we made it official. We decided that we would use plantable paper to keep the trend of our planting consistent and to share the memory of our wedding and of true love with our guests. ​

Ideas for seed invitations are vast ​and offer couples unique and creative ways to send out wedding invitations. ​The various options include: full seed paper, seed paper confetti sprinkled in the envelope or providing the invitees with seeds, a small pot and soil to start the recipient off. ​

Printing on Cloth

Design by Jessi Evans via Oh So Beautiful Paper

Etsy seems to be an easy and efficient way to go with printed cloth invitations. Many vendors offer a variety of different handkerchief invitation styles at reasonable prices.

If you go the Etsy route, you eliminate sourcing your own handkerchiefs, and finding someone to do the screen printing, while also sourcing envelopes and RSVP cards. Etsy is a one stop shop for handkerchief wedding invitations.

“Carry on Cocktails”

Carry On Cocktails Kit by W&P Design

Carry on Cocktails are a fun way to include a little celebration before the actual ceremony.

These kits were created with frequent flyers in mind who tire of typical in flight cocktail offerings.

For weddings, they’re particularly fun if you’re having a destination wedding or have family and friends from all over. Guests would receive a kit with their invitation to help get them into the celebratory mood, the Champagne Cocktail kit is perfect for weddings!

Earth Friendly Wood

Invitations by Cards of Wood

Instead of sending paper invitations that can be damaging to the environment, natural wood invitations are a more unique and interesting way to go.

Night Owl Paper Goods and WoodChick both create paper looking invitations on real eco-friendly wood and are affordable. If you’re looking for wood slab invitations DemandGrand on Etsy offers invitations made out of real Birchwood slabs.