This wedding film is like a dream sequence from a movie. It’s elegant, captivating and so romantic.

Céline & Filipe are a London-based couple, from Belgium and Portugal respectively. The pair got married with a beautiful wedding by the sea at Praia de Senhora da Rocha – an idyllic fishing village in the south of Portugal.

From Céline’s chic gown, to the couple’s emotional ceremony, the pretty decor and the fun party, every inch of this day was a true celebration of this sweet bride and groom.

What I love most though about their film by Vanessa & Ivo is that their sunny wedding day is interjected by snapshots of the couple’s ‘real life’ in London too. I think you’ll agree, it makes it all the more authentic, romantic and beautiful…



Watch Céline & Filipe’s Dreamy Wedding Film

Céline & Filipe – A Wedding in Porches from Vanessa & Ivo – Handmade Films on Vimeo.