So full disclosure, I’m one of those people who’s kind of allergic to exercise.

I’m all for swimming in the sea, playing a big game of rounders in the park with my friends, or taking in a long hike of a Sunday with my husband, but the minute I’m doing something ‘for exercise’ rather than just for fun, I’m instantly over it.

But there’s no denying that using your body, breaking a sweat, and stretching your limbs is something of a cure all, whether you’re feeling overwhelmed, under the weather, or stuck in the mud. So when it comes to wedding planning, exercise can be just what the doctor ordered for both brides and grooms, especially when you’re feeling stressed.

So as always, if something isn’t in our wheelhouse (and working out is most definitely not in my wheelhouse!) we consult the professionals.


Jill Penfold’s Bridal Yoga Routine via


Jill Penfold, aka The LA Bride Trainer has teamed up health & fitness resource to create a 4-week bridal bootcamp – with easy-to-follow circuits, a daily workout schedule and nutrition tips. (It looks tough, but totally doable!).

So who better to hit up for advice from on using exercise to beat stress ahead of your big day? Best of all, Jill has very kindly given us great tips for total novices like me to get my head around the idea of exercising, establish a routine, and stay motivated.

I’m so not down with all this #sweatingforthewedding or #slimmingdownforthegown pressure on brides to lose weight for their wedding dress, for me it’s all about you busting anxiety, being happy, and feeling like a million bucks when you walk down the aisle!

So take it away Jill…



With all the stress and anxiety that comes along with planning a wedding, it can be hard for a bride to remember to take care of herself too – both through an active fitness routine, eating well and taking time for some stress-relief.

Clear Your Head of The Pressure to be Perfect

It’s no surprise that preparing for a wedding is one of the most stressful times in a person’s life. There are hundreds of things to prepare, arrange and account for. Perfection is the ultimate goal and that kind of pressure only creates a huge amount of stress.

Getting active is the perfect way to dissipate stress and anxiety.  Lowering your stress levels will allow you to think clearer and appreciate the journey of planning for your big day.



Tailor It To Your Tastes

Find your kind of exercise. Not all workouts have to be done in the gym. There are plenty of ways to get you up and out and not signing a gym membership.

Dog walking, strolling through a local park, going to the beach. All of these, and extensions of these, are free and fun and will make you feel better immediately.

Choosing the right activity for you is vital to getting you to actually do the exercise. Don’t know where to start? Try my 4-Week Bridal Bootcamp for


Photo by Katie Branch of Tyler Branch Photography via Bridal Musings


Don’t Worry If You’re a Beginner

‘I’m too out of shape to workout.’

This is very common and something I hear as a trainer all the time. And it’s OK. First of all, I just need to get you moving. Start with a cool and mildly sweaty warm-up circuit.

Never underestimate the benefits of preparing your body to workout. It will also re-set your mind in order to workout. The bootcamp is a great way to re-set and then scale up to a better fitness level.



Set Goals

During this super stressful pre-wedding time, it’s important to set goals to focus your attention on yourself.

Are you looking to get and feel fitter, lose a little weight, tone up, feel stronger?

My advice is to set goals. Figure out what results you’d really like from working out. Maybe it will just be to ease your stress and that is absolutely fine.

Do not ignore yourself and get lost in the wedding planning. Your health comes first.



Get Into a Routine

Get on a program. By using a pre-designed training program you will be on the road to stress-busting fitness quicker and with faster results.

A routine will offer you structure and consistency – when motivation is lacking, this can help enormously. You just follow your program and get the results.

Even better, make a calendar to follow and keep accountable to.