For many modern couples, the idea of a wedding theme can seem a bit dated – but I think today’s post might just change your mind!

As I mentioned just the other day, giving a theme or concept to your wedding is the easiest way to make it look and feel cohesive, stylish and professionally put together.

And as today’s special guest is about to explain, even if you think your wedding doesn’t have a theme, when you really look at the day you’re putting together, certain motifs will start to appear. I’m going to say mine was ‘laid back, boho barn with Tuscan-ish vibes – that’s a theme, right?

Marina Licht is the founder and creative editor behind super stylish UK wedding blog, Style & The BrideA former bridal journalist, Marina has been immersed in all things weddings for 15 years, and created her blog as a go-to for style-conscious brides. 

So really, who better to give us inspiration on finding a cool, contemporary theme that ties in your and your other half’s style, tastes and personality?

Take it away Marina…



We all have our own personal style and a unique sense about what suits us, usually from a lifetime of trial and error in the muddy waters of fashion! When it comes to your wedding theme, the same is true.

You’ll have a unique idea about what your day should look like and there will be a lot about it that ties into you and your partner’s own personal sense of style and fashion.

If you’re a bit boho, chances are that your wedding will be, too. If you’re into vintage or retro style, then it’s likely that you’ll end up with a lot of vintage or retro touches on your wedding day.

Whatever you’re into, it’s bound to come through when you’re brainstorming wedding theme ideas for your big day.


Wait, What’s a Wedding Theme?


You may well be asking: “what is a wedding theme anyway?” You might even be thinking that your wedding doesn’t have a set theme. Heck, you’ve probably attended weddings and never given a second thought to whether or not it had a particular theme, but rest assured, every wedding has a theme in one form or another.

While some are obvious, Harry Potter themed weddings are all the rage at the moment, most wedding themes are generally more subtle and may be as simple as a specific colour or style that runs throughout the entire day, like this coral and gold themed wedding in France or this 1920s-style, Great Gatsby-inspired wedding in Tuscany.


So, How Do I Pick a Wedding Theme?


When it comes to settling on a theme for your wedding, you and your future spouse actually already know what it is… you probably just don’t know that you know!

To help you out, here are a few questions to ask each other to help you bring those underlying thoughts and themes to the surface.

– Do you or your partner have a particular style that you absolutely love? Do you both have clothes that you live in and would wear every day if you could?

– Are you drawn to vintage fairs and second-hand clothes shops, or are you a high-fashion power couple that always has to have the latest catwalk trend?

– Do you love bright, bold colours, or are you more into pastel or neutral tones? Is your wardrobe full of black clothes, but your accessories rack pops with colour?

Take stock of the type of clothes and accessories you are drawn to. Make notes on your daily style (or even your dream style) and you’ll soon start to see colours and fashion trends that stand out for you that you can easily work into your wedding theme.


What Sort of Music are You Both Into?


Your preferred music genre will, in all likelihood, affect many aspects of your big day.

There are some fantastic examples of how music lovers have weaved their passion into their wedding, like the musical buttonhole pins at Dylan and Gen’s musical-themed wedding or the awesome use of vinyl records in the photography at Amanda and Tyler’s vintage music-inspired wedding.


What’s Your Home Decor Like?


The way you choose to decorate your home (or how you dream of decorating it) is another great indicator of you and your partner’s style and taste.

Do you love the stripped-back, industrial look, with bare bulb lighting and rugged furniture? Or are you more into clean lines and modern, reflective finishes?

The decor at your wedding makes all the difference to your theme and can vary from ‘rustic warehouse‘, to ‘vintage country fair‘, to ‘modern classic‘, depending on your taste.


What’s Your Favourite Drink?


Your favourite tipple is another fantastic thing to tie into your wedding theme.

Whether it’s craft beer, Prosecco, gin or fruit juice, every beverage has a story to tell and can be easily woven into your day.

Let’s say you love a bit of bubbly. You could weave that into more than just the welcome drinks — you could have little bottles of your favourite bubbly as favours with pots of blowing bubbles for the kids.

You could have a Prosecco-flavoured cake or pudding. You could even have a champagne colour theme!


Do You Have Any Quirks or Obsessions?


Whether it’s sci-fi or salsa, dinosaurs or drawing, puzzles or pizza, our quirks and obsessions are what make us unique. Your wedding day is the perfect platform to showcase that uniqueness to your friends and family and really make your day all about you.

Don’t be afraid to let your geeky, crafty, nerdy, or (insert favourite food here) obsessed self hang out, as it’s often these little details that make your wedding day so special for both you and your guests.