While I have mixed feelings about technology at weddings themselves (if I see another gorgeous aisle shot ruined by an iPad!), there are lots of apps and online tools that can make planning your big day a whole lot easier.

Well all know Pinterest has been a blessing (and sometimes an overwhelming curse) when it comes to wedding inspiration, Instagram is so helpful for sussing out a vendor’s style, and obviously I am a massive advocate for wedding blogs!

But what about when it comes down to the nitty gritty?  When you’re no longer looking for ideas, tips and advice, but when you actually have to sit down and devise your seating plan or make up your budget.

The internet has gifted us with so many great digital resources for planning our weddings, many of which are affordable, or completely free. But with so many to sift through, it can be hard to find the best ones, so to help you on your way, I’ve rounded up a few of my favourites!

(Oh, and for those not opting for an unplugged wedding, I’ll round up some of my on the day techy tips and tools soon too!).


1. All Seated

All Seated is used by couples, event planners and venues alike for devising seating charts and creating venue lay-outs. It allows total flexibility, and you can use it to collaborate with your venue or planner, which means a lot less back and forth.

While this tool is handy for all kinds of weddings, it’s particularly invaluable for large guestlists, unusual venue layouts, or for couples using a mix of table styles.

2. La Fête

Bespoke event planners La Fête recently launched their very own app that’s been touted as a ‘planner in your pocket’.

A comprehensive tool that helps with everything from calculating budgets and creating mood boards, to planning your playlist and making a month-by-month to do list. That’s a lot of punch packed into an app on your phone, right?


3. Skipper

Currently only operating in the US (but hopefully coming to our side of the pond soon!) Skipper is a tool that helps you block book hotel rooms.

Super handy if you have lots of guests coming from out of town for your big day.

4. Guesterly

Guesterly is one of those tools you might not realise you need until you actually use it. The site allows you to create a who’s who guide to everyone at your wedding, which you can either print out or send to your guests via the Guesterly app.

A great way to create a truly social feel to your wedding and get everyone chatting and mingling, I can see this one being particularly beneficial for destination weddings or whole weekender events.


5. Trello

I tell everyone I know who gets engaged about Trello, it was invaluable to my husband and I when we were planning our wedding .

A task management tool that’s more commonly used in workplaces than for wedding planning, it allowed us to make a masterlist of every single thing we needed to buy, book, plan, or make, then divide the tasks between us, and priorities them week by week.

It was so rewarding to move each job into our ‘done’ list as it was completed.

6. Spotify

Spotify (or your streaming service of choice) is so handy for creating playlists for your wedding. Whether it’s music to listen to while you’re getting ready, something chilled playing over dinner, or your big dancefloor favourites, you can collaborate with your other half, bridal party, guests or wedding DJ to compile your favourite songs.

Don’t forget to check out our own ready-made playlists to make the job even easier!


7. Google Drive

So many couples use Google Drive for creating spreadsheets and keeping all their important wedding documents together in one place.

For our wedding, we found spreadsheets really handy for compiling our guests’ addresses and dietary requirements, as well as managing our budget – not that we kept to it or anything!

8. Bridebook

I wish I’d had Bridebook when I was getting married. This UK site is an online wedding planning resource that combines your budget planner, to-do list timeline, and vendor search in one handy tool.

My favourite feature is that you can add your total budget and it will divvy it up among all the different aspects of your wedding based on the average costs in your area. Then you can edit it depending on the parts of your wedding you want to prioritise – and it’s so user-friendly!

Bridebook have just launched an app which is doing incredibly well, so it seems lots of couples are in agreement.


9. Wedding Websites

We’ve written before about wedding websites, and if you ask me, they’re a modern day essential for almost every wedding.

They’re a go-to spot for guests to get all the information they need for your big day, from start times and dress codes to links for accommodation and travel. You can also use them to collect RSVPs, dietary requirements and playlist requests.

Best of all, they avoid you having to field all sorts of FAQs in the final days before your wedding, AND they cut back on paper because you don’t need to send an info card with your invitations.

There are lots of wedding websites to go with, but among my faves are Riley & Grey, Zank YouMinted and AppyCouple.

10. Gift Registries

We love gift registries as a way of cutting out any admin associated with receiving gorgeous presents and generous cash gifts, vouchers, or honeymoon contributions for your wedding. It also adds a bit of class to the whole potentially awkward cash situation too!

A good wedding registry service will allow you to choose your gifts online or in-store, help you to track what’s been purchased in the lead up to your day, coordinate the details for your thank you notes, and arrange a delivery for all your gifts at once you’re ready – so you’re not dealing with lots of individual deliveries in the days ahead of your wedding.

It means your guests can sort the gifts online too, which they’ll most definitely appreciate.

Our registry of choice in the UK and Ireland is The Wedding Shop, while Crate and Barrel, Simple Registry, and Macy’s are all highly rated stateside.