Hello lovely readers, it's ‘just another manic Monday' so let's start the week off with a bang shall we?!

There's nothing I love more than to share a real wedding that will take your breath away/knock your socks off/make your heart skip a beat {delete as appropriate}.

It's usually in the form of inspirational wedding photography but being a lover of creative wedding cinematography, I'm thrilled to say that there has been some exciting developments over on Film Club…and I've got an INCREDIBLE wedding film to start your day {and lots more inspiring films to come this week!}

The bride and groom in this film are a very creative couple {Tim is in a band and Amy is an artist} and the team at Velare Imaginarium knew that ‘a normal “wedding highlight video” wasn’t going to cut it' so they created something beautifully unique that would ‘fit their personality, and not fit the norm.'

{Images by Isaac Pittman}

This is truly captivating cinematography and one of the most beautiful wedding films I've ever seen. The rousing music by Devotchka is the perfect choice….it really is a ‘must see'.

I hope you enjoy…

Tim and Amy // A Wedding in Reverse from V E L A R E on Vimeo.

Pretty amazing right?!

Check out Velare Imaginarium‘s website for more info and to see more of their stunning films.

{Tim & Amy's wedding was also featured on the fabulous Rangoli Jewellery blog.}

Keep a look out on Film Club over the next week {just click the tab at the top left corner of the screen, above the categories} as I'll be sharing more unique, beautiful and creative films that you won't want to miss!