Hello readers and Hello weekend!

I had the sweetest request from a lovely bride to be I met through Twitter to do a post about engagement shoots and I'm sooo excited about it! To know that I can {hopefully} provide you guys with helpful posts and inspiration for your weddings makes all the time and effort I put into Bridal Musings so worth it.

Send me your requests, what would YOU like me to write about/research for YOUR wedding? Need an inspiration board, I'm your gal! Looking for the perfect favour idea, let me help!

Be as specific as you like ~ your wedding is as unique as you and your partner. I update Bridal Musings three times a day so I'm more than happy to dedicate a post to your country & western/ultra minimalist/bicycle themed/pink & glittery wedding! {Whatever floats your boat.}

So don't be shy, get in touch. I'd love to hear from you!

Onto the loveliness…

These are the posts that got the most comments/views this week:

How could you not fall for a wedding in a treehouse, photographed by Ben Blood? {The photographer with the coolest name ever!}

A ranch engagement shoot so far removed from rainy England featuring horseshoes & cowboy hats.

This vintage dress had you all swooning ~ such a gorgeous 1950s style, vintage wedding:

{Photography by Diana Rush}

More lovely/cool/chic/unique from around the web…

Love this multicultural wedding ~ the groom surprised his bride by reading out his vows  in Urdu,  her first language. How touching!

{Photography by Geneoh Photography}

This bride's red hair is breath takingly beautiful, as is her headpiece {and the silly string shots are so fun!}

{Photography by Ashley Rose Photography}

Check out these rough diamond engagement rings, they are so very beautiful and unique!

A punk wedding inspiration shoot…'nuff said.

Have a great weekend everybody, don't miss the second part of this Nigerian engagement ceremony later today and meet me back here tomorrow for more Sunday Beauty School ~ this week it's all about hair colour.

Elizabeth x

ps. Shhhhh it's a secret but between you and me there are some exciting changes happening behind the scenes at Bridal Musings, so expect some awesomeness next week!