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Which Engagement Ring Fits Your Personal Style?


Are you lost in the dizzying, dazzling search for the perfect engagement ring? Giving up hope on finding the perfect one? Fret no longer, we’ve made the go-to guide to choosing an engagement ring to fit your (or your love’s) personal style to narrow down the search and find the perfect ring.

Is your future bride a free-spirited, big-hearted hippy? We’ve got gorgeous, boho rose gold rings for that. Do you dream of that princess ball gown and French countryside castle? We picked plenty of gorgeous, glamorous rings just for you. Whatever your modus operandi, with a little help your ring can match your own personality and style.

Gemstone experts Gemvara believe that no two people are alike and agree that jewelry should be the same. Offering an impressive catalog of 29 different gemstones and 9 precious metals, you can find or create an engagement ring fitting any personal style in just a few clicks.

With Gemvara you can choose any style you fancy and insert a special stone (perhaps a birthstone from this guide?) for a personal, custom engagment ring. Or, to make it even easier, choose from one of our favorite styles below, and online from Gemvara’s most popular rings. Feel free to save our helpful pinnable guide and  don’t miss Gemvara’s special discount in the Essential Info below!

Which Engagement Ring Fits Your Personal Style? | Gemvara 2

Vintage Inspired

Certain styles stand the test of time, and if you plan to wear your ring for decades to come, why not choose a vintage inspired ring that’s proven timeless for decades?

The princess cut diamonds lining the band in Gemvara’s Chloe ring remind me so distinctly of my mother’s own engagement ring. Mom style is always finds its way back into fashion a generation later, and just like I dig her wedding dress, I dig her wedding diamonds.

Halo settings gained popularity at the turn of the century thanks to it’s “disco ball” effect; the circle of diamonds are ever sparkling. The Natalie Ring, with a modern, eco friendly, Moissanite stone, brings sophistication and sensibility, to this vintage inspired ring.

Stack three halos together and you have a classic, art-deco look. With a deep, sultry, ever fashionable red garnet at the center in this vintage inspired Cora Ring is perfect for a flapper bride.

Which Engagement Ring Fits Your Personal Style? | Vintage Rings Gemvara


Modern dressers will be overjoyed with the variety of current, stylish designs and gemstones Gemvara has to offer.

Aquamarine has had a serious moment this past decade, spilling over the paint jar onto all of our Pinterest boards.  The Aquamarine Isabella Ring feels youthful and fresh, with a wave of diamonds cascading on each side.

I could see the minimalistic bride, who loves Scandinavian architecture and design loving the glassy, sophisticated and bold Blaze Ring.

The modern stylist will appreciate the dark, inky shade of the London Blue Topaz Princess-Cut Lara Ring, matching the edgier, more dramatic, celestial color palettes we keep seeing in wedding inspiration today.

Which Engagement Ring Fits Your Personal Style? | Modern Rings Gemvara

Boho Engagement Rings

Free-spirited, romantic, and whimsical are all words I would use to describe our boho brides, and just as appropriate to name these boho engagement rings.

Gemvara calls rubies “bold and passionate”, and the same could be said about our boho brides. The eclectic cuts of rubies in 14K Rose Gold Sarah Ring are perfect for those who wear their hearts on their sleeves.

Also in rose gold, a favorite tone of ours for bohemian wedding style, are the two toned diamond and sapphire Madeline Ring and the simple and sweet Oval Solitaire Ring.

Which Engagement Ring Fits Your Personal Style? | Boho Rings Gemvara

Glamorous Engagement Rings

If your collection of sparkling jewelry is only growing larger with this new engagement ring, these glamorous styles are perfect for pairing with all your stunning, sparkling outfits and style.

The Emerald-Cut Carrie Ring is named so well, with diamonds filling the band, and a stunner in the center, this ring belongs on the shoe hoarding, Oscar de la Renta obsessing, Carrie Bradshaw in your life.

And who’s more glamorous than a real princess? The Penelope Ring has an undeniable royal air of elegance, with a setting reminiscent of Princess Diana’s own engagement ring.

For the a glamorous bride that’s a bit more demure, and a bit more modern is the white sapphire Emerald Ballerina Ring.

Which Engagement Ring Fits Your Personal Style? | Glamorous Rings Gemvara

Organic Engagement Rings

Natural brides will love the green, organic vibes from these three gemstone engagement rings.

The Pear-Cut Candace Ring is sparkly enough with the diamond band, but the unique pear shape allows the green amethyst to shine front and center.

With a band of diamonds and your choice of metal intertwining like grapevines, the Rowan Ring features an earthy green tourmaline gemstone.

For the organic bride who loves the oceans too, consider the Vivien Ring touting seaform quartz, which as we’ve said before flatter nearly everything in your wardrobe.

Which Engagement Ring Fits Your Personal Style? | Organic Rings Gemvara

Alternative Engagement Rings

Edgy, punk, alternative, rock and roll, however you’d like to label them, these rings sing out loud and proud their defiance to the status quo.

The halo, black diamond Roxanne Ring just sounds punk in the name. This ring is bold, provocative, and still reflecting light as only diamonds can.

The alexandrite gems in this alternative version of the Diana Ring change color accordance to the surrounding light. When the stones catch light from candles and lamps, the alexandrite shines vivid red, and violet. Radical, no?

Do you always sweep on a deep red lip? The red garnet Gilda Ring could be your match, with sharp edges and a bloody hue, this ring screams alt style.

Which Engagement Ring Fits Your Personal Style? | Alternative Rings Gemvara

Unique Engagement Rings

Maybe we don’t all fit into a mold, and neither do any of these unique engagement rings.

Choosing a gemstone is the perfect way to stand out from the crowd of diamond engagement rings, and emeralds are one the most flattering gems you can find. For the bride not afraid of something different, consider the emerald Julianne Ring.

If you love diamonds but are looking for a unique setting, Gemvara offers a stunning floral Brilliant Lotus ring, set with petals of dozens of sparkling diamonds.

Quartz are so cool these days, and the rose quartz paired with a rose gold band on the Oval-Cut Candace Ring says “I’m girly and I’m hip, forget your stereotypes”.

Which Engagement Ring Fits Your Personal Style? | Unique Rings Gemvara

Essential Info

For more information on creating your own unique gemstone engagement ring head to the Gemvara website.

Gemvara jewelry is handcrafted in the USA and sold exclusively online. However, their Jewelry Consultants are available seven days a week to answer any questions you may have.

Special tip for Bridal Musings readers, Gemvara is offering 25% discount sitewide (excluding certified diamonds) until December 5.

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