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The App That Will Help Your Wedding Day Run Flawlessly

The App That Will Help Your Wedding Day Run Flawlessly | Joy 3

Did you know there is a simple and free wedding planning app on your phone that will help your wedding flow flawlessly? It’s miraculously true! But first let me tell you a story about an engaged woman losing sleep over wedding coordination.

A year before our wedding and I was already getting inundated with questions. Spreadsheets, emails, accommodation advice, Skype calls, invoices, “flights aren’t even available yet, text me in a few months” – planning our wedding began to feel less like party planning and more like a full time job.

Then at my real full time job (hey, Bridal Musings world!) we came across Joy, the wedding app that would turn my coordination nightmares into the ease of filling out a social media profile.

Joy is so much more than a wedding website. Of course, we could talk all day about how beautiful and customizable their personal wedding sites are, and how intuitive the websites run with schedules, countdowns, photos, maps and stories. But it’s the coordination tools within the app that’s got us singing “Hallelujah!”

We’ve layed out all our favorite features, how Joy simplifies all your wedding information, and passes off as an extra day-of-coordinator.

The App That Will Help Your Wedding Day Run Flawlessly | Joy 1

Streamline Your Guest List

Tired of spreadsheets? Me too!

Not only are they an eye sore, but they’re not quite intuitive. Joy let’s you import any spreadsheets you’ve already started (so don’t worry, you can switch to Joy from the stone ages) or quickly fill out names of invitees.

One thing I’ve been dreading while creating our invites is requesting addresses, copying them from whatever text or email guests responded to, importing them to another spreadsheet, when does the fun begin?!

Joy asks your guests to fill out all the information you need when they RSVP on the app or through your website then does the rest of the work organizing all the addresses, phone numbers, and anything else you’ve asked your couple.

Then, each invitee has their own special profile based on what they’ve filled out, so guests can get to know each other, see who’s coming, meet up the week of the wedding, and hey – see who’s coming without a date.

The Wedding App That Will Make Your Wedding Day Run Flawlessly | Joy RSVP

Communicate with Everyone, Instantly

Say goodbye to the “Hey honey, I texted you, Christina, my parents and Ally in a group text about the new rehearsal dinner address, can you copy it and text your people?” conversation.

Now whenever you have new times, locations, or just general reminders you want to send out to all your guests, (or say, just your bridal party and family) you can take care of any communication within the app’s Announcements function, all at once.

Your guests will receive a notification just as they would a text, and can respond with any extra questions. No more scrolling through to find the right group text message, no more forgetting someone’s phone number; it’s so simple.

And as a special bonus, you can use the Announcements section to thank your guests the morning after, and send out those pesky lost and found requests.

The Wedding App That Will Make Your Wedding Day Run Flawlessly | Joy Announcements

Organize Every Wedding Detail in One Place

Throwing a destination wedding? Treating your friends and family to plenty of parties the week of? All of the information your guests need to get to celebrating are organized in one place in the app and on your wedding website.

Create schedules for each day you’re holding events, including times, maps, dress codes, and any important information you want to get across (like having a blast!). The app includes a handy “Add to Calendar” so your guests will be alerted just as they would in their normal work and home life.

Accommodation recommendations can be simply displayed along with links to booking and any room block information to disperse wedding discounts.

The Wedding App That Will Make Your Wedding Day Run Flawlessly | Joy Schedule

Use the App as a Virtual Day-of-Coordinator

Do you sometimes want to throw your phone out the window with all the wedding related questions you receive? Pass those questions off to your virtual day-of-coordinator, Joy.

I love weddings, I love planning, I love travel, but responding to the same questions over and over is driving me a little bonkers. That’s why I’m so relieved the Joy App has come into my life. You can create an FAQ so that before a guest even thinks of texting you, they can find their question answered. Not only does this save you from repeating yourself, but it could spare you that uncomfortable “I’m really sorry you can’t bring xyz to our wedding, please don’t be offended.”

Lay out schedules, maps, locations, and communicate through the app and on your website. Then, when it’s time to put your phone aside and enjoy your wedding day, you can authorize any friend, family member or even your hired wedding planner to take over communication with your guests. No need to hand over your contact sheet, just add your responsible party to your Admins and let them answer the “what time, again?” questions for as long as you need.

The Wedding App That Will Make Your Wedding Day Run Flawlessly | Joy Q&A

..and Create a Beautiful Wedding Website!

When you fill out all the information online or through the app, it automatically creates you a beautiful wedding website with your own url. Customize the look to your heart’s desire, select what details are public or private, and save plenty of time to enjoy your engagement.

Who doesn’t love killing two birds with one stone?

The App That Will Help Your Wedding Day Run Flawlessly | Joy Website

Essential Info

Joy is absolutely free and available for download on IOS and Android. Create an account on the app or sign up on their website. Check out their handy FAQ with any questions you have.

Follow Joy on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram for helpful wedding planning tips and inspiration.

This post is brought to you in partnership with Joy.

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