We are rich this year with helpful wedding planning tips on Bridal Musings, from foraging for seasonal flowers and decorating a raw space, to answering wedding FAQs and preserving that gorgeous wedding dress.

I know I've been feverishly taking all this expert advice to heart as I start my own wedding planning, and I can't wait to ask and answer loads of questions with all of you brides in the new year!

Maybe you're newly engaged too (did someone leave a ring little box under the tree?!) or still puzzled over a few things, so we've rounded up our favorite planning advice to refresh together.

So here they are, ten of the best wedding planning posts from 2017…

1. FAQs for LGBTQ+ Weddings


Our good friend at Equally Wed helped us with one of the most important issues in the modern wedding world, answering FAQs for LQBTQ+ couples. We were so lucky to hear her advice on what to expect when wedding planning, what to do when you have a negative encounter with a vendor (hello blacklist!) and those tricky family situations.

It's not all heavy though, Kristen inspires us with creative ceremony ideas, new traditions, best places to get married and style guides (with AMAZING suits).

2. 10 Apps & Online Tools To Help With Wedding Planning

Working in the photo and web world, I am totally a techie. One of my favorite new wedding apps this year was Joy (read all about your virtual wedding coordinator here). Earlier this year we rounded up 10 apps and online tools to make your wedding a breeze, and you better bet I've tested all of them!

3. 10 Incredible & Affordable Airbnb Wedding Venues Around the World

Photo by Airbnb via Bridal Musings

Another fab online travel tool that also works in the wedding world, is Airbnb! Check the “suitable for events” filter when you search and find all the best Airbnbs that double as wedding venues. Some are decked out with plenty of wedding-ready features, or buck the trends and go totally DIY.  Whatever you decide, we've got 10 of our favorite Airbnb wedding venues to start your search.

4. How To Design Your Raw Wedding Space

After you've found that fab Airbnb, airplane hangar, rustic barn, or campground, we've got tons of tips on how to decorate a raw wedding space, from planning to the big day-of.

5. 4 Tips To Make Shopping for Plus Size Swimwear A Breeze

Ashley Graham, we love you! We were so excited to share this year with Shafonne Myers of Pretty Pear Bride four fabulous tips on how to make shopping for plus-sized swimwear a breeze for the destination wedding or beachy honeymoon.

6. How To Choose Wedding Flowers For Each Season

I wish it weren't so but I have quite the black thumb. I can take all the help I can get with choosing flowers, when to plant, when to harvest, names of those beautiful buds. I love wedding florals but I'm just not an expert. Thankfully, we had Hiding in the City Flowers to the rescue with their expert advice on choosing flowers seasonally, to make your theme, decor, and budget.

7. 10 Tips to Make the Most Of Your Hair & Make-up Trial

Don't go into your hair & makeup trials empty handed! To help you make the most of your hair or make-up trials we’ve put together a bunch of tips to make the most of your hair and make-up trials – gathered from our own experience, friends’ trials, and from bending the ear off every hair stylist and make-up artist we meet!

8. 10 Ways To Feel Calm & Relaxed On Your Wedding Day

I am SO excited for our wedding day, I like to think I have a great outlook on it all (having been in the biz for quite some time) and am plenty go-with-the-flow, but that doesn't mean I'm free of anxiety. Keeping calm even in happy, excited times can be stressful, and we've got 10 helpful tips to keep you relaxed on your wedding day.

9. How To Clean & Preserve a Wedding Dress

Spent a good long night boogying down on the beach (it's in the cards for me!) and your train is looking a little sandy? Mulberry's Cleaners gave us some great insight this year on how to clean and preserve your wedding dress.

10. What To Do When Your Wedding Photos Don’t Work Out

Oh how we hope this post isn't for you! But if your wedding photos didn't quite work out, we're here to tell you that you can still capture some dream portraits with your love, and make it out alright.

Bijal & Nirag tied the knot with a traditional Indian wedding with six events over four days. But when their photographs sadly didn’t come back as they’d hoped, they opted for a do-over. And the results were pretty special.

For endless helpful tips head over to our planning section and catch up with all the best wedding posts of 2017.