Agent provocateur Berta does it again, inciting her mass revolution freeing brides worldwide from all inhibitions. We caught the latest Spring/Summer 2019 wedding dress collection live at Bridal Fashion Week in New York, and the gowns were more dazzling in person than ever imagined.

Where past collections have displayed bold appliques and dramatic details, 2019 gets far more intricate, with fine lines, whispy bows and fluttering feathers. The eye-catching collection pulls you in close to admire the finer details, and while the fabrics shimmer with finely dotted sequins and glittering textiles.

I was lucky enough to bring my future hubby along to view the collection (spoiled with a man ready to snap a few photos for the biz!) and exclaimed upon sight of this long-sleeved bodysuit with a sheer sparkling skirt. “For a wedding dress?” he said, my response “Hell yes”.

In fact, the Spring Summer collection featured so many long sleeve winners I began to feel like a convert (from my usual slinky, slip obsession). The sexy deep necklines, tight bodices and hourglass creating silhouettes give a gal searching for long sleeves an option far and away from the usual modest, covered options.

Her iconic tight figure-hugging long sleeve gowns are stellar, but it's the wrap gown that stole the show for me. Modern, sexy, relaxed, glitzy, luxe – basically all the best of Berta, with a little extra wearability.

For a bride digging on the bridal cape trend, Berta delivered. We were wowed by the feathered cape, giving a bridal goddess literal wings.

With whispy bows, and fluttering details, the collection offered a few slightly provocative but totally romantic princess gowns (for modern princess Meghan Markle, perhaps?) Sleeves fell lightly off-the-shoulder and skirts levitated down the runway on the few practically royal wedding dresses.

Photo by Claire Eliza

Plenty of gowns had the fashionable crowd catching their breath but it was the Berta babies (yes, you read that right!) that received unanimous applause. Making good work of her sparkling textiles, whimsical details and masterful construction, but losing the provocation (thankfully) the little ones sported the sweetest, luxe Berta flower girl dresses.

We can't wait to share the entire collection soon (can we all guess the next steamy destination?) for now you can scroll through a few more favorite gowns and backstage snaps, view the last collection coverage and visit Berta online.

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Photo by Claire Eliza

Photo by Claire Eliza