I love bridal headpieces. Floral crowns, starry hairpins, architectural combs, gemstone jewels, I'm obsessed. Choosing just one statement piece for my bridal look is proving to be far more difficult than wedding dress shopping ever was. Do I latch on to my favorite current celestial trend? Do I remind everyone that yes, I am in fact the Princess of North Sixth Street?

I've probably driven my best friend (you know, the bridal stylist that's been reading your horoscope?) and mother crazy with “this one or this one?!” over the last few months so I'm taking it to you lovely readers, as a Claire Eliza Real Bride Diary plea to help me just pick one already!

For reference: I don't have pierced ears, wear minimal jewelry (my two solitaire rings and an occasional white gold bangle) and always knew a veil wasn't for me. Being deliberately minimalistic with nearly all of my bridal wardrobe (remember my bridal icon, Carolyn Bessette Kennedy?) that means my bridal headpiece can certainly make a statement.

Oh, and I just chopped half my hair off. Gasp, a bride chopping her locks off before the big day?! Listen lovelies, I can't handle this whole “you should be doing this” nonsense, so the more Seattle contrarian I can inject into this wedding day, the better.

Celestial Star Headpieces

Clockwise, starting from top left: Hair Inspiration by Tonya Stylist via Festival Brides, Hair Comb by Luna Bea, Celestial Coronet by Jennifer Behr, Vega Bobby Pins by Jennifer Behr, Nova Bandeaux by Jennifer Behr, Callisto Moon Hair Pins by Tilly Thomas Lux.

I feel like the latest celestial bridal trend was basically invented for me. Normally I pass on whatever the latest trend is, worrying that they'll go out of style too quickly, but I'm giddy about all the stardust sprinkling throughout the bridal industry right now.

Luna Bea's starry hair comb is even more of an art piece than an accessory, fitting into the whole “LA fashion girl” look I've been drooling over lately.

Oh, and that hairdo by Tonya Stylist? Maybe my favorite edgy, bun ever – could be perfect with Tilly Thomas Lux's bold, moon and star pins, no?

Modern, Fashion-Forward Headpieces

Clockwise starting from top left: Charlie Haircomb by Jannie Baltzer, Brit Haircomb by Hushed Commotion, Art Bridal Haircomb by Maison Sabben, Ruffle French Barrette by Lelet NY

I'm totally digging on modern, fashion-forward headpieces versus the traditional romantic pins of the past. Lelet NY wowed us at Bridal Fashion week this year – showing off her talents as a former architect with strong lines and bold metals, her Ruffle French Barrettes are beyond cool.

Also, I've been dreaming about these Charlie Haircombs from Jannie Baltzer ever since she shared her latest collection with us this winter. Inspired by ginkgo leaves, these organic beauties are far from literal, making them so mod.

Bridal Tiaras

Clockwise starting from top left: Desert Tiara by Untamed Petals, Chantilly Tiara by Tania Maras, Agustina de Aragon by Mimoki via Laure de Sagazan, Dried floral tiara inspiration by Hello May Magazine via Festival Brides, Couronne Temperance by Lizeron via Laure de Sagazan.

Just because I covet the whole “cool bride” vibe it doesn't mean I don't also want to remind everyone that I am absolutely a princess. (There can be a Queen of Cool!) Tania Maras has the whole “royal” look mastered with her Chantilly Tiara, while Lizeron goes totally avant-garde with her porcelain Temperance crown.

I've always had a thing for dried floral crowns (remember in My Big Fat Greek Wedding when Yaya pulls out her own bridal headpiece?! I love that scene!) and I've been wondering lately if I should just forgo the big purchase and DIY a dried, heirloom tiara myself? Who's with me?!

While dress shopping in Seattle, I fell for this art deco Desert Tiara by Untamed Petals – just the right amount of vintage with modern copper tones.

The Final Few Favorites

Part of me is still a tad wary of distracting too much from my dress, these Maison Sabben hairpins are the artful, luxe style I adore in miniature. Best of all, they come in white, giving the ultimate contrast against my dark eyes and hair.

On the opposite end of the spectrum, I couldn't look away from this Lelet NY headband when we visited Trish Peng at Bridal Fashion Week (rumor has it, the headpiece will be available in July). My mother and I both agree that we've never seen anything like it – utilizing the star trend in a 1920's fashion, this headpiece is certainly a “head turner”.

Finally, it helps to be able to envision what you might look like with a certain accessory, right? With basically the same dark features, olive skin and even hair length, I dropped everything when I saw this Lizeron tiara on our trip to Laure de Sagazan's bridal studio. I love the way that this porcelain piece could have been designed now, or a hundred years ago – making this headpiece a timeless heirloom to pass down for generations to come.

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