Hello you gorgeous folk,

How are you enjoying the weekend? Don't you just love lazy Sunday lie ins?!

Today, I wanted to share one of my all time favourite beauty products with you…

After you've been primped, preened and coiffed to perfection there's one more thing you might like to consider ~ a finishing touch to add a subtle glow.

Photo by Jose Villa

Benefit Beauty Balm is a joy to apply ~ it feels luxuriously decadent using the soft, velvety puff to apply it and the floral scent it leaves on your skin is so delicate that it's just for you and your partner to enjoy! It's not at all overpowering so you can still finish with a spritz of your favourite perfume.

I'm also a sucker for Benefit's kitsch, pin up packaging!

How & Where To Apply

I would apply body lotion first and let it sink in for at least 5 minutes ~ the balm has some moisturizing properties but it shouldn't replace your body lotion. My personal favourite body lotion is Soap & Glory The Righteous Butter. The Soap & Glory scent is similar to the smell of the balm too.

Usually I'd apply the body balm before dressing but as you'll be wearing the most expensive and beautiful dress you're ever likely to wear, I suggest getting into it first. Then straps can be dropped and skirts can be lifted with help from your bridesmaids. {It's all part of the job description!}

Apply the balm to your shoulders, arms and décolletage in circular motions. I'd also include your shins if you're wearing a short wedding dress. You'll be left with a gorgeous subtle, shimmery sheen that feels silky soft, smells amazing and highlights your best bits ~ making arms look defined, legs look more toned and your collar bone look exquisite!

I've tried quite a few shimmery body lotions/sprays and I've found them to be excessively glittery or too golden/bright white but this is perfect as the shimmery particles are tiny and the colour is so subtle and natural looking. {It doesn't look pink!} I also love the balm application ~ there's no need to rub it in with your hands, just use the puff.

It's quite pricey at $28 but I think, as one of life's little luxuries, it's worth every penny. Also, I've been using it for about 7 years and I'm only on my second balm so it's fair to say, a little goes a long way! For me, applying Benefit Beauty Balm is all part of the ritual of getting ready for a big night out and it was the perfect finishing touch to my bridal look.

What's your must-have luxury beauty product?

Elizabeth x