Yes, it's true! Tomorrow morning, my beau Jack & I hop on our Aeromexico jet and fly off to Todos Santos, Baja California Sur for our destination wedding fiesta. Vámos a #jackmarriesclaire!

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It's been super fun (& stress relieving!) to share with you the planning & details to our most special week in the sun. From shopping for my dream wedding dress to choosing the perfect wedding destination, it's been a wild year of planning & celebrating with my love. It's going to be an intimate fiesta – 45 guests, a full week of events and never-ending tacos and ceviche – basically our dream wedding come true.

What has our last month been like? Well, plenty of last minute shopping, gifting & a heavy spa regimen – eyelash extensions, mani & pedi, haircuts, facials & massages.

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Most importantly, a few weeks ago, we signed our wedding license to avoid the strenuous process of legally marrying in Mexico (which involves chest scans & blood draws). After grabbing our paperwork at City Hall, Jack and I had a low-key celebration with his brother, and two best friends at a Mexican restaurant near our house in Williamsburg filled with champagne & giggles, oh and this fab cut-out crepe dress. We tried to keep it pretty low-key as to not upstage what we feel is the “real wedding” but yeah, we're married!

Aside from emailing out a shopping list to family (so we don't have any errands to run when we hit the ground) and ensuring flying with my wedding dress is disaster-free, I'm proudly channeling my ultimate #bridechilla.

So while I pack my bags with all my silk slips & swimsuits, I thought I'd let you all catch up on the year that's past and how we got to this big day.

1. The Proposal

Claire Eliza's Engagement Ring

Atop a Dr. Seuss-like mountain in Greece at sunset, Jack got down on one knee and asked Claire to marry him. She gasped, they cried & laughed, she said yes – it was magic.

2. 12 Ways To Throw An Eco-Friendly Wedding

Photo via Wedding Chicks

Find out how Jack & I have committed to reducing our wedding waste and are throwing an eco-friendly wedding fiesta.

3. Claire Eliza Goes Wedding Dress Shopping

Can't I just have them all?! Read about my bridal inspiration and discover the coolest bridal salons in Seattle in my wedding dress shopping adventures.

4. Do You Know What Wedding Photography Style Fits You?

Being a photographer myself, I explain all of the most popular wedding photography styles and share with you who we're bringing to document our wedding fiesta.

5. How To Choose The Perfect Wedding Destination

He's from Texas, I'm from Seattle and lived in Paris, we met in New York & spend our days traveling the world together – find out how the heck we chose the perfect wedding destination to bring together our international crowd of family & friends.

6. My Favorite Bridal Hair Accessories

True life: I'm hair accessory obsessed! I round up my favorite headpieces, hairpins, tiaras & styles I've collected in my wedding shopping frenzy.

7. Lessons In Budgeting & Splurging

I'm skipping the makeup artist & foraging for flowers so I can splurge on what? Find out in my lessons in budgeting & splurging post.

8. The Dos & Don'ts of Traveling With Your Wedding Dress

Destination brides, you need this guide! Flying my gown from the bridal salon in Seattle to my home in New York I thankfully learned my lessons the easy way – find my tips & what heavy duty garment bag to buy.

9. I Don't Wear Makeup, What Should I do?

It's true, I'm a #nomakeup bride. Read why I'm so dedicated on being barefaced and the ultimate options for my bridal beauty look.

10. Ask A Bridal Stylist: Bustle Advice (& Alternatives)

This may be controversial but, I hate bustles. Sure there's a time and place in which bustles work but as I told my own tailor “You wouldn't bustle Chanel!” I ask our resident bridal stylist (and basically my spirit-guide-maid-of-honor) when you should bustle your gown, what kinds there are and what to do – if like me – you hate bustles.

11. How We're Bucking Wedding Traditions

Maybe my favorite post, I go into detail on many of the ways we're bucking wedding traditions. Happily a hippy bride & free-spirited groom we're so excited to celebrate our day that is true to us as a couple, not what others wrongly assume we should do.

12. How To Have A Chill AF Bachelorette Spa Weekend

Photo by Claire Eliza

While I may not have a bridal party, I do have a pretty incredible group of gals. Take inspiration from my DIY spa weekend & get all the goods from my bachelorette shopping guide!

So that's my entire Real Bride Diary. I still have loads of insight, tips & tricks, and plenty of ideas to share in the coming years on Bridal Musings that I've learned from this personal experience – for instance, soon to come: What To Do When A Vendor Cancels On You (don't panic, we figured it out!)

If you'd like to casually follow along (and I can't promise you I'll be spending much time on social media) you may catch some celebration Stories this week on my personal Instagram, our friends' posts via #jackmarriesclaire or a few of our lovely vendors: Photographer Corinne Graves, Stylist & Coordinator Hannah Roberts & Venue Villa Santa Cruz (who are amazing and you should follow anyway).

I can not wait to share you photos and stories afterward, but for now – this week is all my love and I. Chat with you lovelies soon!

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