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We Tried This Bridal Beauty Teeth Whitening System (& It Was So Easy!)

Morilee by Madeline Gardener Muse | Claire Eliza | Flutere 35
Why You Should Consider Teeth Whitening Before Your Wedding – Luster Premium Whitening System 2

Your wedding day is going to be one of the best days of your life and your memories will be captured in photos that will be yours forever. Whatever your bridal beauty timeline includes, adding teeth whitening is not only a great way to brighten those photos, but such an easy pre-wedding to-do!

Working as an Actress and a print model (sometimes for Bridal Musings – yep those bridal photos are me!) has led me down many paths when it comes to obtaining that picture-perfect smile. I have tried everything from braces, to whitening strips and bonding to achieve camera ready teeth. It’s no secret that many Hollywood A-listers frequently buff up their smiles with veneers or bonding that can cost thousands of dollars, but I haven’t made it that big (yet!) I am constantly searching for affordable and simple solutions for keeping my pearly whites, well, pearly.

Trying plenty of different whitening options, Luster Premium White proved such a quick & easy option for anyone considering whitening their teeth for their wedding day (whether on-screen like me or in real life!) And for anyone needing convincing, you can read my own experience & even win your own whitening system by commenting on our Instagram post below & following Luster Premium White.

I have had cosmetic dentistry consultations that have emphasized the importance of a bright smile – professing that having a whiter smile makes teeth look younger, larger and healthier.

When the Luster Premium Whitening system arrived, I was thrilled to see that it came with a blue Dual-Action Whitening Light. Layman’s terms: these are the things Instagram post dreams are made of, I couldn’t wait to get a few snaps for my Instagram story. Before I started using the Luster Premium Whitening system I took a good photo of my teeth to compare to the final result.

The first step in using the system was to brush my teeth with the Luster toothpaste. I love that Luster created two specialized kinds of toothpaste for AM and PM whitening! Both of them made my mouth feel really clean and I love that the product contained Fluoride, which I know is great for fighting cavities. Spending a lot of time with my Orthodontist has paid off in a lot of general dentistry knowledge.

Morilee by Madeline Gardener Muse | Claire Eliza | Flutere 56

Next, I used the mouthwash provided by Luster and a special gel for your teeth which is pretty easy to apply. Then, I got my glow on! I turned on the Dual-Action Whitening Light and placed it in front of my teeth for two minutes. The light makes a little beep noise and turns itself off after two minutes which I really appreciated since I was taking so many selfies that time just flew by. I rinsed my mouth out and then took another close up picture of my smile.

Why You Should Consider Teeth Whitening Before Your Wedding – Luster Premium Whitening System 5

Being the scientific-minded person I am, I placed the two photos of my teeth side by side in my photo editor app and it was proven to me beyond a doubt, my smile did look noticeably whiter! After just one use I could see an improvement in the color of my teeth and I felt super confident in my smile, which really was my goal at the end of the day.

I give Luster Premium White’s system mega points for being quick and painless – I did this for three days and I really am pleased with how white my smile has become! This would be the perfect whitening tool in anyone’s arsenal – bride, groom, model, actor, you name it. If you’re considering teeth whitening for your wedding day, I can’t recommend a quicker and more effective way to do it.

Why You Should Consider Teeth Whitening Before Your Wedding – Luster Premium Whitening System 1
Why You Should Consider Teeth Whitening Before Your Wedding – Luster Premium Whitening System 3

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To win your own Luster Premium White whitening system, follow them on Instagram & comment on the post above. One lucky bride or groom will be chosen to get theirs for free!

You can shop this product and read even more reviews on the Luster Premium White website.

This post was made in partnership with Luster Premium White.

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