So it's almost inevitable, that once the date is set thoughts turn to how you're going to look in ‘the dress' and some form of exercise regime, diet and health and beauty regime is put in place. {Or at least, in theory.}

I must admit I've never been one for sweating it out with a group of people. I abhor packed gyms. {Not that I go to the gym very often I may add!} and the last time I went to an aerobics class, I was about 17 and got very frustrated that I couldn't follow the moves correctly.

I thought if I could hold my own on the dance floor I'd be a natural at ‘the grapevine' and other such fancy footwork. But no. It became evident that I am extremely uncoordinated and actually struggle with the difference between right and left! The sad thing is, I never went to another exercise class again…*

I'd much rather work out in the comfort of my own home, where it doesn't matter that I look like a bright red tomato or that I'm gasping for air after only 5 minutes! I actually live in a flat, on the first floor…so I have to strategically plan my workouts around times when the people downstairs won't be in their living room wondering why a stampede of elephants is parading around our flat.

So workout DVDs are the perfect solution for me. My absolute, all time favourite DVD is Ministry of Sound's Pump it Up which I have recommended to all my friends and anyone else who'll listen!

It's based on the saucy Eric Prydz ‘Call on Me' video. Remember this?

If those girls {and that bum!} are not inspiring, I don't know what is?

This DVD gets you working up such a sweat but you hardly notice as you're having SO much fun! The classic dance tunes are incredible, they get you so pumped and looking at all those slim lycra clad ladies is bound to inspire you. Just don't make the mistake of looking in the mirror while you're doing this workout as it's just depressing {unless you are a lycra clad hottie yourself!}

The instructor, Deanne Berry really knows her stuff and explains the moves well. She's really perky and spurs you on no end but not in an annoying way!

There are a few dodgy moves that are more about looking sexy rather than having any amazing health benefits…such as ‘the hair flick', and ‘strike a pose' but it's all good fun!

It's just over an hour long but you can pick and choose which sections you have time to do. There's a warm up, dance section, high energy, bums and tums and a warm down. And the thing I really love about this video is all the dancers get sweaty, they obviously didn't stop to do make up and hair touch ups {like lots of celebrity workout DVDs} so you don't feel so bad about being drenched by the end!

There have been other Pump it Up DVDs since that are worth considering but, for me, none can compare to the original. {Probably because I invested so much time learning the moves! I must warn you they're not the easiest but they are worth the effort!}

If you're looking for a fun, challenging workout DVD with seriously motivating music…get thee to Amazon ASAP!

* Watch this space and wish me luck, as I've actually signed up to do a Zumba class…will report back next week!

How are you making sure you look fit and fab for your wedding?