As a constant traveler, one of my proud superpowers is packing light while sacrificing nothing. Believe it or not, when Jack and I got married in Mexico we carried everything on the plane – our wedding outfits, gifts & ten days worth of clothing. Add on top of that, I was a destination bride doing my own hair & makeup – so, how did I pack it all?

The answer is simple, my hair & beauty essentials are based on the ‘less is more' rule. I buy travel-friendly minis that are both luxurious & multipurpose. Organic solid face washes that don't need to go in your liquids bag. Favorite perfumes that travel well. A grapefruit cheek tint that moisturizes and doubles as a lip color. Slim DIY spa goodies so you and your gals (or your guys!) don't have to leave your villa's roof for a pre-wedding facial.

And you don't have to be a ‘no-makeup' bride like me to fill your shopping cart with these destination wedding beauty essentials – find the best of the best of all your needed beauty tools all in a travel-friendly size so you too can feel confident with your luggage beneath the seat in front of you. Best of all, all of these travel beauty buys will be honeymoon-ready!

Travel-Sized Beauty Tools


Many of my friends will say, “Why would you spend that much on something so small?” Well, think about how long it takes you to use up your (more expensive) full-sized creams, washes and makeup items before they get old and crusty and you eventually toss them to refresh your kit. Jack and I are currently on a yearlong honeymoon and still using the luxe travel-sized beauty goodies I bought in December, even with daily use!

Travel-Friendly Makeup & Skincare


When shopping for travel toiletries, I first focus on what items that are traditionally liquid, I can switch to solids. I've found that solid face washes & shampoos last three to four times longer than liquids AND they don't take up space in your TSA liquid bag.

I then move on to finding products that come alternatively in oils – when using oil-based washes & say, amazing smelling sunscreens, you generally need to use far less than the usual hefty dollop, since oils spread easier. Additionally, they don't get old and crusty or molten hot liquid like creams tend to in the sun.

Travel-Ready De-Stressers & Spa Goodies


Finally, if you can, it's great to consider some travel-friendly items that combat stress. Even if you're jetting off to a paradise destination wedding with expert planners and no worries in the world, it's good to prepare for unexpected family drama, the possibility of travel-related stress (this in-flight skin refresher never leaves my purse!) or potential jet-lag.

I find mini facial spa items rejuvenating and let's face it – so much affordable than the hotel spa (plus, friends can join in!) Packing a sleep aid – whether natural pillow spray, moisturizing silk sleep mask, or doctor-recommended medication can be great for those late night jitters, keeping you fresh on your wedding-day morning.

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