Color lovers unite, it's gemstone engagement ring shopping time!

It's no secret we're massive fans of alternative engagement rings here at bridal musings. From unique jewels found on Etsy, absolutely affordable pieces for the alternative bride (under $1,000!) and oodles of guides on birthstones & rare colored stones – you could say we're becoming a bit of an expert crew in the colorful ring game.

Flora Sapphire Engagement Ring by MiaDonna

Some natural, some ethically made (like this beautiful sapphire engagement ring from our eco-friendly friends at MiaDonna!) gemstones are not only suited for the alternative bride or groom, but also anyone seeking out a special meaning beyond, ‘Will you marry me?”

For instance, did you know that Rose Quartz is the ‘Love Stone' keeping your love strong & mending broken hearts? Did you know that Cleopatra had a passion for emeralds? Making the stunning green stone perfect the queen of your heart.

This being June, and happily catching sights of pride flags everywhere we go, we thought we'd round up our favorite gemstone engagement rings for every color of the rainbow (and even the rainbow version of my own wedding ring!)

Red Gemstone Engagement Rings

Ruby: Courage, passion & drama – July's birthstone is ever-popular thanks to the fiery emotions the stone's deep colors inspire.
Garnet: Symbolizing loyalty and kindness, the birthstone of January is a romantic choice of stone.

Orange Gemstone Engagement Rings

Citrine: November's birthstone Citrine adds a sunny sparkle to your wardrobe and warm glow into your life.

Yellow Gemstone Engagement Rings

Rutilated Quartz: Crystals such as quartz often suggest mystical powers, so what about this sunny yellow Quartz? Legend has it the gem will provide prosperity and good fortune – not a bad way to start a marriage.

Green Gemstone Engagement Rings

Emerald: Capturing the beginnings of Spring, May's green birthstone symbolizes love & rebirth.
Apatite: This lesser-known green stone would be perfect for the artist, aiding & symbolizing creativity & knowledge.
Tourmaline: Healing the physical heart & aiding the growth of gardens, this green stone would fit perfectly on the hand of an organic-minded bride or groom.

Blue Gemstone Engagement Rings

Sapphire: In ancient times, a gift of a Sapphire – September's birthstone – was a promise of trust and loyalty.
Turquoise: For centuries, turquoise owns the mystic of spiritual powers & best suited for the free-spirited, open-minded bride or groom.

Topaz: December's birthstone, the ancient Greeks believed that Topaz has the power to increase strength and make its wearer invisible in times of emergency (although we find that hard to believe with these stunners!)
Aquamarine: “Treasure of the mermaids” March's birthstone Aquamarine symbolizes the beauty of the seas.

Purple Gemstone Engagement Rings

Amethyst: The birthstone of February, Amethyst symbolizes peace, bringing a sense of balance and calm into your marriage.

Pink Gemstone Engagement Rings

Rose Quartz: Dubbed ‘the love stone' Rose Quartz is said to contain special powers, including keeping love strong & healing a broken heart.
Moissanite: Originally discovered at the spot of an Arizonan meteorite crash, Moissanite was meant for an other-worldly bride.

Galaxy Gemstone Engagement Rings

Moonstone: Stone of the “Mother Moon”, Moonstones' symbolism is deeprooted in femininity & is supposed to posses sacred healing powers.
Onyx: Dark in hue, you may be surprised to hear that Onyx is a calming stone, bringing a sense of peace in your day to day life.

Diamonds: April's birthstone in sparkling white may be the most popular stone of the day, but did you know Diamonds also come in galaxy-hued black & raw asteroid-like textures? Black Diamonds are made for the unique bride or groom.
Pearl: An organic gem, June's birthstone Pearl would capture the heart of a sea-loving bride.
Opal: A natural, rainbow sparkling stone, October's birthstone is perfect for the light-hearted, color-loving couple.

Rainbow Gemstone Engagement Rings

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