When Jack and I were driving through South Africa on our honeymoon last month, we saw rows and rows of wild King Protea growing along the highway. “Those are THE trendiest wedding flowers right now, I can't believe they're growing wild everywhere!” I exclaimed to Jack.

Thanks to creative florists around the world (many featured here on Bridal Musings!) unique never-before-seen florals have taken center stage at weddings & editorials alike. Tropical weddings feature oversized Monstera leaves. Vintage clad brides carry heirloom dried bouquets. And of course, bold King Proteas pop up in the trendiest of occasions.

We're swooning for these new florals beyond the typical rose (although we do love a classic rose) and dying to know what new florals are best for trendsetting brides & grooms. Thankfully, our buds at Be Inspired PR gave a jingle to some of our favorite wedding florists to dish on all the unique florals to incorporate in your wedding decor (that you likely haven't seen yet!)


Floral design by Bloominous photographed by Herman Au Photography

“These heart shaped beauties are striking and bold. This traditional tropical stem is finding its way into bohemian bouquets to give it a bit of whimsy and a whole lot of character.” – EuriWong, Lead Designer at Bloominous

Pink Anthurium

Floral design by Bloominous photographed by Herman Au Photography

“Pink anthurium is the flower Barbie would put in vases in her dream house. It's smooth and shiny with large, leaf-like blooms in a shade of pink so fanciful that it's also known as the flamingo lily. Add the fact that the bloom is heart-shaped and you've got yourself the perfect flower to accent your wedding bouquet.” – Jenna Miller, Creative Director, Here Comes the Guide

Pincushion Protea

Photo via Wedding Wire

“We've all drooled over the king protea, but it's got a fashion-forward cousin that's gaining popularity in the world of wedding flowers. The pincushion protea is both exotic and bold, with spiky sprays of petals in fiery shades of red, orange, and yellow. If you want to add a burst of drama to your wedding flowers, this bloom is for you.” – Jenna Miller, Creative Director, Here Comes the Guide

Coral Fringe Tulip

“Fringed tulips have a serrated edge to their petals that add a unique texture and visual interest to bridal bouquets. And while they come in several colors, we're partial to the coral variety, which has a deep pink hue that fades ombré-style to a gorgeous shade of apricot near the fringed edges.” – Jenna Miller, Creative Director, Here Comes the Guide

Red Ginger

Event Design by HoneyFitz Events photographed by Valorie Darling Photography

“Red ginger looks like a long, shiny, flowering pine cone—and we are HERE for it. This tropical flower looks stunning bundled together as a one-bloom show, but it's also striking as an exotic accent to a larger floral arrangement.” – Jenna Miller, Creative Director, Here Comes the Guide

Aralia Leaves

Event Design by Infinite Events photographed by Katie Preftakes Photography

“Aralia is the new Monstera. These bright green leaves are big, sturdy, and have distinctive ‘points' that give it an irresistible island vibe. They'd be perfect for covering a beach ceremony arch, or simply layering on your wedding tables for a modern greenery runner.” – Jenna Miller, Creative Director, Here Comes the Guide

Dyed and Dried Flowers

Photographed by Rachel Craig Photography

“Greens and fillers are becoming more of the focal point in bouquets by way of color and texture. Feather-like greens are getting a facelift by being bleached, and wispy fillers are being dried and dyed to give bouquets an added dimension.” – Euri Wong, Lead Designer at Bloominous

I love the idea of dried flowers -being able to keep them forever and not have to throw them away after is eco-friendly and a beautiful sentiment – Rachel of Rachel Craig Photography


Event design by Jaclyn Watson Events floral design by In Full Bloom Florist photographed by Tim Chin Photography

Wedding floral trends for 2019 continue to have lots of flowing greenery creating warm and neutral spaces. Along with the flowing greenery, we are seeing couples saying yes to color for their big day! – Jackie Watson of Jaclyn Watson Events

Bold & Colorful Blooms

Event design by d’Luxe Events floral design by A Touch of Elegance photographed by Off Beet Productions

“Unique florals are the trick to making your event stand out. Picking something that is different and bright can really help customize your day and enhance your theme!” – HoneyFitz Events

A rose is classic and beautiful…. but a rose is just a rose. We love incorporating new blooms, or unique foliage to create a unique focal point! Step outside the box and pull in different textures for a memorable mix of florals. – Nora Sheils, Founder of Bridal Bliss

Even if your location is less than tropical, tropical blooms add a certain exotic feel and bring your event to an elevated level of unique! – Danielle Aspromatis, owner of d’Luxe Events

Event design by Bridal Bliss photographed by Maria Lamb Photography

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