Let's assume everything is going exactly as planned on your wedding day. Good, got that pretty little dream scene in your mind? Now tie a little bow on it, put it on your nightstand for easy resting, and start preparing for the inevitable truth that something, even the tiniest little thing, might go wrong.

Now, if we have the right preparation and the right mindset (it's the ‘I do's' that matter the most, right?!) we can nip that little bridal emergency in the bud the moment it happens. Thanks to our friends at Be Inspired PR, Cured Nutrition, Here Comes The Guide & a little tip for all you grooms-to-be from Generation Tux, we've got a number of items to cram in that wedding-day emergency kit…

From Joseph Sheehey of Cured Nutrition

1. When your wedding day nerves are getting the best of you, or the mundane planning details are giving you a pounding headache, a little CBD never hurt anybody! A simple supplement can help ease all of your day-of stresses and keep you up and focused on what makes your day as beautiful and positive as possible!

From Jenna Miller at Here Comes The Guide

2. A sewing kit goes without saying. Mistakes unfortunately happen, and an all-in-one kit will be your hero for hems coming loose, zipper jams, and fabric rips!

3. Insoles will have your feet saying “Bless your sole!” Trust us, with all the standing and walking you’ll be doing, sole inserts are key to staying comfortable all day.

4. We all know the saying, “You’re not you when you’re hungry”. And the last thing you want is to feel cranky as you walk down the aisle! Make sure to pack an emergency snack to hold you over before cocktail hour.

5. Sadly, one of the side effects of nervousness is sweaty pits, which is never a good feeling. Travel size deodorants can definitely come in handy for a quick pre-ceremony freshening up sesh!

6. Which brings us to the next unlucky surface sweat shows up on: our face. Oil blotting sheets are major for keeping the shine away while keeping your makeup set!

7. Getting your dress fitted two weeks prior is long enough for the extra spin classes you took up afterward to make a difference. Fashion tape will be a lifesaver for holding together anything that isn’t fitting perfectly!

8. No matter how long we spend making sure there is not a single fly-away in our bridal ‘do, sometimes the forces of nature have other plans. Travel size haircare products & tools will be essential for keeping your hair sleek and perfect for photos!

9. Backup jewelry and earring backs can be great for any accessory mishaps, like replacing anything that breaks or keeping jewelry on and intact.

From Nathan Bellah at Generation Tux

10. Grooms need to prepare for their big day too! We say – Comb. Little bit of hair goo. Mints. Lint roller. Shoe brush. Safety pins. Toothpicks. Tide-to-go pen. Razor. And a Flask.

Need more ways to stay relaxed on your wedding day? Employ these 10 tips to feel calmed & relaxed on your wedding day. Also, a little former bride to current bride advice: please drink plenty of water on your wedding day.