While I'm off apartment hunting in super sunny San Francisco {haven't seen any of that infamous fog yet!} it's time to share Part 2 of Gillian and Spencer's gorgeous wedding. See Part 1 for more chalkboard cuteness.

Gillian's advice to other brides really struck a chord with me, and, if you're going through a particularly stressful time planning your wedding, I hope it resonates with you too…

Read her wise words and soak up their joyful, love filled day of simple pleasures captured beautifully by Paper Antler. It may help you to consider what your priorities for your own wedding should be.

1. If it’s too stressful – forget about it! I was stressing out about making the perfect cake topper for my cake, and there was no point. So I just didn't make one – and on the wedding day we found a pretty flower to put on top instead.

2. They say it’s all in the details, but that’s just not true. I just couldn’t see myself worrying about place cards, or little cards stating what food was in such and such dish, because frankly, I just don’t care.

I had an outline for a wedding, all the necessary elements were there – cake, tent, officiant, dress, groom – and unique mix of my family and friends supplied all the necessary fun and detail my wedding could have ever needed. So, my point is you’ll never remember details like napkin rings, but you will remember details such as your never-shed-a-tear fiance choking up the moment he becomes a husband.


3. Don’t spend yours (or your parents) life savings on a wedding. You may think you need it to complete a “vision” but you really don’t. Brides are so pressured these days to create a visual spectacle for their guests, but all they really want or need is a happy bride, a happy groom, and an open bar.

4. Hang a rosary in a tree the night before the wedding day, and you’ll have a sunny day.{Worth a try!}

Ok…time for what us teachers refer to as ‘the plenary'. What have we learned?

In a nutshell: Don't feel like you have to spend a fortune on your wedding or conversely that you have to DIY every tiny detail. Don't sweat the small stuff. Do have your wedding your way!

Thanks to Gillian and Spencer for sharing your wedding with us, wishing you both a lifetime of happiness! And thanks to Paper Antler, it's such a pleasure featuring your stunning photography!

Psssst…Paper Antler are doing something amazing for a good cause ~ if you're based in the US, getting married next year and looking for your perfect photographers check it out.