Julian and Briana didn't want to spend a fortune on a big, fancy wedding…

So they simply tied the knot under a beautiful, old tree at their local park!

And boy did they do it in style.

I am dying over Briana's blush pink shoes. As well as her cute blonde bangs, dipped hem lace wedding gown (which shows off those gorgeous shoes!) and twisted tulle veil/headpiece.

She is one of the prettiest and happiest brides I've ever seen and I adore her unique, bridal style!

There are a few vintage inspired DIY details to look out for such as candelabras, mismatched metallic vases filled with peach flowers and foliage as well as hand painted signs but really this wedding is not about the details ~ it's about the love, happiness and rockin' party.

(As all weddings should be.)

Don't you just love that photo of Briana's dad busting some moves on the dance floor in his cowboy hat?

Oh and we have to talk about the shoes!

Unfortunately, Sam Ciurdar, the photographer, doesn't have all the vendor info (basically this whole wedding was DIYed from top to toe so there isn't really any!) but I'm going to try to find out a little more about those blush pink beauties and report back ASAP. Pinky promise.

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