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This Jeweler Believes Every Couple Deserves A Beautiful Diamond Without Compromise

Great Heights Lab-Grown Diamonds

Before my fiancé Ben and I got engaged, we had many difficult discussions about where we could possibly find my dream ring in good conscience. Could we really find a brand that truly operated from the same values that we held? One that ethically sourced their diamonds and valued inclusivity? It wasn’t easy, and in fact, we didn’t even choose a diamond at all.

Needless to say, I wish we knew about Great Heights sooner! Each of their diamonds is lab-grown and environmentally friendly while looking identical to mined diamonds.

What’s more, they believe that every couple deserves a beautiful, guilt-free jewel. And that includes soccer stars Ali Krieger and Ashlyn Harris who had custom Great Heights wedding bands created for their big day.

Why choose a lab-created diamond for your partner? Let us count the ways…

Great Heights Ethical and Eco-Friendly Diamond Engagement Rings 2

Ethically sourced means peace of mind!

Let’s face it — even some brands that claim to operate ethically are just as in the dark as you are when it comes to a mined diamond’s origins. While “blood diamonds” from exploitative regions are less common than they used to be, it’s still hard to be 100% sure of its background. With a lab-grown diamond, you can rest easy knowing that the ring you wear forever had no part in oppression and violence, making it truly conflict-free.

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The environment will thank you.

Your eco-conscious partner will love you for this one: a Great Heights diamond is the most environmentally friendly choice you could make. By essence, mining natural diamonds significantly impacts the planet — it uses a ton of energy and fossil fuel, emits a staggering amount of greenhouse gas, and greatly disrupts natural biodiversity. A lab-grown process uses far less energy and resources and doesn’t harm our precious earth.

Take it from Great Heights: “The air emissions created by a single, one-carat mined diamond is 1.5 billion times higher than those produced by a lab-created diamond of the same carat weight.” WOAH. And lest we forget about waste production: “A mined diamond generates upwards of 5,798 pounds of mineral waste per carat, compared to only one pound produced by a carat of lab-created diamonds.” Those are some sobering stats!

Looking for more ways to make your wedding eco-friendly? Read our environmentally-conscience tips here.

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Same high-quality standards as mined diamonds

If you’ve made it this far, you may be thinking, “sounds too good to be true, they must be second-rate quality,” etc. Trust us, Great Height diamonds are that good. Each of their diamonds is evaluated and graded by the same labs that certify natural diamonds, and those same high standards awarded to the mined variety are also given to Great Height’s lab-grown ones.

Great Heights Ethical and Eco-Friendly Diamond Engagement Rings

Easier on the wallet

Savers, listen up! On average, lab-grown diamonds cost 30% less than mined diamonds. Why? Because by eliminating the mining process, your diamond passes through fewer hands — thus, a shorter supply chain.

But don’t mistake that discount for cheap quality — Great Heights’ lab-created diamonds are identical on a molecular level and undergo the same process of cutting, polishing, and inspection as natural ones. And hey, you can get a bigger rock for your buck!

Great Heights Ethical and Eco-Friendly Diamond Engagement Rings 6
Great Heights Ethical and Eco-Friendly Diamond Engagement Rings 1
Great Heights Ethical and Eco-Friendly Diamond Engagement Rings 8

Ok, so you’re sold? You’re ready to get down on one knee and wow your partner with a beautiful, guilt-free diamond? Now go fawn over Great Heights’ gorgeous engagement ring offerings. Check out their “build a ring” feature to create your own custom stunner, or browse their enormous selection of signature styles.

After you’ve found that dream ring, let Great Heights take care of the rest — with free shipping, free resizing, and 100-day returns, such a BIG decision and purchase is made that much easier!

Once you’ve chosen the perfect style (and your SO says “YES!”) get our guide on how to take care of that sparkling ring.



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