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10 Tips To Keep The Romance While Wedding Planning

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Let’s be honest, “stressful” may be too light of a word to describe wedding planning in 2020. But don’t let that angst creep into your relationship. Wedding planning — especially during a pandemic — offers a special chance to cultivate a strong partnership in these uncertain times.

And very few understand that opportunity quite like Utah-based planning and design company Wheat & Weather Creative Design Co. “I want to help you use the wedding planning process to build a stronger and more authentic relationship,” says owner Khrystalle. That’s why she created You & Me Intentionally, a planning kit designed to deepen your connection with your partner.

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What’s included in the kit?

  • A wedding planning workbook that will guide you step-by-step through the planning process
  • 10+ worksheets to ensure that your wedding is unique to your love story
  • Beautiful 3-ring binder with sturdy tab dividers to store all of your vendor contracts, receipts, and planning notes
  • Spreadsheets to keep track of your budget and payments
  • Magnetic master checklist to easily keep track of your planning progress
  • Spark Romance Match Set: 50 Ways to Deepen Your Connection
  • Gourmet marshmallows from Madyson’s Marshmallows and Chocolate Covered Grahams from Jo’s Candies for a cozy date night by the fire

“With this carefully curated wedding planning kit, you will learn how to create a meaningful wedding that puts your love story front and center,” says Khrystalle. “Along the way, you will also learn how to navigate life’s tough decisions with your sweetheart, all while making beautiful memories together.”

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Khrystalle’s sentiment inspired us to put together five tips for kindling romance and cultivating friendship with your sweetie for a fun and breezy season of wedding planning!

1. Don’t forget to do things for each other, no matter how small.

Small gestures are SO underrated. When my fiance cleans the house or brings me breakfast in bed, he’s making me feel loved and special (hello, acts of service love language!) Consider how your partner feels loved and make it a point to sprinkle those gestures into your week and day-to-day routine.

2. Get out of town.

Sometimes all you need to reset and refresh your relationship is to get outta dodge. Rent an Airbnb for the weekend and explore a new place together. Take a hike or find a Farmer’s Market in a neighboring town. But most of all, agree to not talk about wedding planning. This is your chance to escape that never-ending to-do list and be present with each other.

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3. Try something new

Studies show that couples who regularly try new things have happier relationships. And why wouldn’t they? The more you invest in fun and friendship with your partner, the less of a chance you stand of falling into a rut. So take a cooking class, go skydiving, learn an instrument together. Write down all of your ideas on little bits of paper and put them in a fishbowl. Pick one at random when you’re feeling blah or just need a break from planning!

4. Create boundaries

Ok, I admit, this one is not as fun – but man is it worth it! Boundaries — with each other AND with family and friends — are key to keeping the romance aflame while in the throes of wedding planning. Establish some guidelines with each other about how and when to discuss details. Practice your talking points as you field those inevitable questions from family and friends. That ‘ol “When’s the wedding?” question used to give me heaps of anxiety, but luckily my partner and I have practiced how to answer with grace and discretion.

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5. Make planning easy with Wheat & Weather’s planning kit

As we mentioned earlier, this kit has everything you need to make wedding planning not only easy but fun and intentional! Consider it a small investment that pays huge dividends in your long-term relationship. And hey, filling out spreadsheets over s’mores by the fire has never sounded so dreamy.

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That’s not all you can do to spice things up — Khrystalle offers five bonus tips to incorporate into your wedding planning to set you up for a more solid marriage. Take notes!

6. Intention

Khrystalle says, “[Intention] means approaching your relationship, and all of the decisions that accompany it, with purpose. Wedding planning provides a variety of opportunities for you to practice evaluating the data and making purposeful decisions together.”

7. Connection

Khrystalle says, “Working together to plan your wedding provides such a beautiful opportunity to become more unified as a couple. Throughout the planning process, you can choose to learn more about each other and make developing a deeper and more meaningful connection a priority. Along the way, you’re sure to discover countless new reasons to get excited about your future together!”

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7. Communication

Khrystalle says, “Learning how to communicate as a couple is far different than communicating with a friend, parent, or co-worker. Planning a wedding together allows you the perfect opportunity to learn how to create a safe space for each of you to better express your thoughts and feelings. Clearly communicating what you need and want from your partner is essential to a happy marriage. The more you practice this skill, the better you will become.”

8. Collaboration

Khrystalle says. “It’s easy to let one partner make all of the wedding decisions, but how you go about planning your wedding will inherently set the tone for your future together. Working side-by-side to incorporate elements of each of you is a great way to start learning how to harmoniously blend your lives and individual interests.”

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10. Playfulness

Khrystalle says, “Planning a wedding can easily get stressful and overwhelming, especially if you are constantly living in the details. By intentionally incorporating opportunities for playfulness and remembering to laugh, you will often be reminded of why you said yes to forever! Not to mention, you’ll also probably create some really special memories along the way.”

10 Tips To Keep The Romance While Wedding Planning – Wheat and Weather Creative Design Co – Bridal Musings – ShaiLynn Photo and Film 2
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Essential Info

If you need a hand with planning, check out Wheat & Weather’s website for more information about their services and to purchase the You & Me Intentionally Planning Kit.

Follow Wheat & Weather on Instagram, Pinterest and Facebook for planning and design tips.

This post was made in partnership with Wheat & Weather Creative Design Co.

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