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This year we shared lots of wedding planning tips on Bridal Musings, from finding florists and photographers, to sorting out your ceremony and booking your honeymoon.

I shared lots of my own planning tips and personal musings from the lead up to our wedding over the summer and we had lots of talented experts stop by to let us in on their own nuggets of planning wisdom.

And seeing as the year is nearly out (only a few days 'til 2017!) we thought we'd share a few of our faves, that we think might come in especially handy for the year ahead.

So here they are, ten of the best wedding planning posts from 2016…

1. The Ultimate Honeymoon Bucket List


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Post-nuptial getaways can sometimes be even more fun than your wedding day itself. Especially when they're as epic as these ones.

This was a two-part series, with 20 of the most iconic, fun, beautiful and breathtaking places on the planet, that would be pretty perfect for a once in a lifetime kind of trip.

Warning: these posts will give you serious wanderlust.

2. Modern Guide to Wedding Planning

Modern Bride's Guide to Wedding Planning | Bridal Musings Wedding Blog

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Weddings are steeped in customs and traditions, so at times, it can seem daunting to break away with something more contemporary.

This year, we shared a Modern Guide to Wedding Planning from pro planner Laura Holden, of Holden Bespoke. Essential reading if you want to douse your day in new ideas, while helping friends and family see your vision.

3. Expert Tips to Make the Most of your Wedding Catering

10 Expert Tips To Make The Most From Your Wedding Catering | Social Pantry | Bridal Musings Wedding Blog 22

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Wedding catering is one of, if not the most, costly aspect of your big day, but all too often, it doesn't get enough thought.

Earlier this year, London-based caterers, Social Pantry shared their great advice on not just getting the most from your caterer, but creating a truly special wedding day menu, and wowing your guests with your choice of eats.

It's tasty reading.

4. Getting Married When You've Lost a Parent


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If you've lost a parent, or someone really close to you, planning your wedding can be a bittersweet time, filled with trying moments while you navigate how to shape your day around the person missing.

After my own wedding this year, I shared a personal post with how we honoured my own late mother on our wedding day, and ideas for how to incorporate your loved one in your nuptials. I hope you find it helpful. 

5. How to Plan a Wedding without Losing your Identity

How To Plan A Wedding Without Losing Your Identity | Pocketful of Dreams | Bridal Musings Wedding Blog

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Once you book a venue and dive head first into flower choices and bridesmaids dresses while balancing budgets and family opinions, it's all too easy to lose your vision and start making decisions that don't really reflect who you are, or what you wanted, from your day.

This year, planner and stylist Michelle Kelly of Pocketful of Dreams armed us with some amazing tips for creating a truly personalised party, that reflects you and your other half.

6. How To Make your Ceremony Special for your Guests


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Let's be honest, sometimes wedding ceremonies can be a little uninspiring for guests, especially if they don't know a couple very well or if the ceremony itself is particularly formulaic. But we have the solution!

Celebrant and ceremony blogger, Natasha Johnson of Engaged & Ready dropped by this year with some amazing tips for creating a ceremony that's truly special for both you and a your guests. (We took them on board for our own big day, and this lady knows her stuff!).

7. How To Plan an Elopement


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You might think the whole point of planning an elopement is that you don't have to do any planning. And yes, that's kind of true. But putting a little thought into your party for two will make it all the more special.

Back in March, Weddings by Emily Charlotte wrote a guest post with her Dos & Don'ts for Planning an Elopement. If you're running away to get hitched, you should definitely check it out.

8. How To Stay on Budget with your Wedding Flowers


Flowers by Root 75Photo by Let's Frolic Together via Bridal Musings

There are some areas where it's easy to stay on budget for your big day, and other details, like florals, that seem to creep up in cost slowly, until all of a sudden you've racked up quite a bill between bouquets, ceremony arrangements and centrepieces.

Our resident flower expert, Rachel Cho Floral Design gave us some awesome insights into staying in budget with your florals, without compromising on your original vision for your blooms.

9. Legal & Financial Pre-Wedding Checklist

Planning Your Life Together: Financial and Legal Checklist for Getting Married | Bridal Musings Wedding Blog

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Perhaps the least romantic aspect of preparing to get married, but no less important – every couple needs to talk about all things legal and financial before they tie the knot.

Which is where this pre-wedding financial checklist from Legal Templates comes in so handy, along with some great tips on ways you can be planning for married life, and all that comes with it, in the lead up to your big day.

10. Why Choosing a Wedding Photographer Is So Freakin' Hard


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Our final top wedding planning post of the year was a popular one, because well, it's something almost every couple can relate to. The nerves, excitement, anxiety and pressure of finally taking the plunge on wedding photographer. 

In this post, I chatted about my own struggles with choosing a photographer (even though there were so many I loved!) and shared my top tips for finding the perfect person to capture your day.

Happy planning guys – and stay tuned for more round-ups of our favourite posts over the next few days.