Haven't sent your Christmas greetings yet?! Fret not, there's still time with these beautiful, easy-to-send, digital Greevelope holiday cards!

Not sure if you follow us on Instagram, but I've been trying to coin the phrase ‘Sparkle Season' to bring even more joy & fun into the holidays. Do you think if I keep putting it out there, it'll catch on?

Well as you heard on Friday, we're celebrating #SparkleSeason at Bridal Musings by promoting our favorite small businesses on Etsy & guess what – sending out eco-friendly Holiday cards from Greenvelope. This is going to be an uplifting, do-gooding, holiday season we might just all need.

First things first…

Reasons We Love Greenvelope

We chatted all about Greenvelope's commitment to the environment (beyond the fact that their digital cards are inherently eco-friendly) on our Amazing Wedding Vendors Who Give Back post a while ago.

In addition to their good business ethos & thoughtfulness for the environment, Greenvelope's cards are just so beautiful! I could not believe it when I first found out that Greenvelope's stationery was actually entirely digital and sent online. Working with independent artists on the designs then creating such realistic animation, these are not your basic online cards.

They look and feel so upscale while being so easy to send! No more worrying that the cards you ordered will arrive on time. No more disappointment when you realized you didn't send them out before the holidays (procrastinators, I feel you!)

Plus, Greenvelope has added features like RSVP tracking (for that Zoom holiday party!), calendar & map integration, event reminders, customization & so much more.

If I were to tie all the reasons together I'd say Greenvelope's cards & invitations are perfect for the modern couple.

10 Online Holiday Cards We Love

To help with our own holiday card shopping we've narrowed down our favorite holiday cards to 10. Our list includes cards for all festivities of the season: Christmas, Hanukkah, New Year's & general winter wishes!

2020 At-Home Essentials Holiday Card via Greenvelope

Socially Distant Snowmen Card via Greenvelope

Family Name Custom Photo Holiday Card via Greenvelope


Have Yourself A Furry Christmas Card via Greenvelope

Merry & Married Holiday Card via Greenvelope

12 Days of Christmas Holiday Card via Greenvelope


Happy Hanukkah Card via Greenvelope

Merry Christmas, Feliz Navidad, Buon Natale Card via Greenvelope

Stronger Together Holiday Card via Greenvelope

To send these & more designs visit Greenvelope's Holiday Card section where you can learn more about their beautiful & modern digital cards & invitations.