Purchasing an engagement ring is a big deal. It’s typically one of the largest purchases a gentleman or lady has made in their life at that point!

There are several ways to help guide your partner into purchasing your dream ring. As founder & owner of The Diamond Reserve, I have a few tips on how to get an engagement ring you love, and what to do if your fiancé misses the mark.

1. Make A Pinterest Board

The easiest way to guide your partner is to make a Pinterest board that clearly shows what your dream ring looks like. You can either share the link with them directly or enlist a friend to navigate him there.

2. Be Specific

When pinning rings you like, make sure you aren’t all over the map!

The first big decision you should make is the shape of the center diamond. If you love round stones and that’s your dream, only pin rings with that shape to ensure you don’t confuse him!

If there are two shapes you know you would love, pin both and then your partner can make the decision of which center diamond shape they like best. This option is great as it allows them to feel like they have some say in your engagement ring, and it gives you that fun surprise element!

3. Be Consistent

You should also be specific and consistent with the settings you pin to your board. Don’t post halo settings if you don’t want one – consistency is key to making sure your partner gets it right!

Lastly, only pin the color gold you would like. If your dream ring is yellow gold, only post yellow gold! One of the biggest mistakes we see people make is selecting the wrong color gold for the engagement ring. Make sure they clearly know your taste in color!

4. Shop Together

Another way to ensure you get your dream ring is to do some preliminary shopping together, allowing your partner to see exactly what you want. The great part about this, too, is that you can go to a few different places together and interview jewelers as well. This is especially true when it comes to custom designs. In the interview process, you might feel a strong connection to a certain jeweler! Make sure you send them back to that one and make sure they took thorough notes on what you loved.

Getting your dream ring when the love of your life takes one knee is simply magic, but let’s be honest – It doesn’t happen for everyone. We all know a few people who got an engagement ring that wasn’t anywhere near what they had imagined!

What do you do if this happens to you?

This can be a very tricky and sensitive subject, as your significant other has just made an extremely vulnerable purchase and really put themselves out there. You need to tread carefully and read the situation before making any moves.

1. Take Your Time

My first recommendation is to marinate. Wear the ring for a few weeks, and see how you feel. It might not be your “dream ring,” but you could end up loving it! Let the shock wear off before you make any big decisions.

2. Consider Waiting To Upgrade

Before chatting with your new fiancé, ask yourself if you can wear the ring for at least 3 years and then upgrade. If yes, great! Think of the possibilities when you both have grown in your careers, and then you could upgrade not only the design, but potentially the carat size as well!

3. Be Honest

What if you dislike it so much that you can’t even wear it? You need to be honest with your partner. A great marriage is founded on honesty, so here goes nothing!

First things first, you must be aware and okay with the fact that you may really hurt your partner’s feelings. This conversation needs to be approached in the most kind manner possible. Don’t blame your partner for choosing the wrong ring, and make sure you acknowledge how much it means to you. Start off positive and be open to hearing why your partner selected that specific ring. The sentiment behind it might just give you a change of heart!

You also must be extra considerate of what their budget was and keep in mind that maybe they couldn’t afford the two-carat diamond you always dreamed of.

4. Get Creative

If you both decide that changing the ring is the best solution, try to keep some part of the original ring they selected for you. Maybe keep the center diamond but change the setting. You could also use diamonds from the original setting to design a new one – both of these are great ways to make the change as inexpensive as possible.

Last but not least, remember that being in love and engaged is one of life’s most exciting times! Don’t let the ring ruin it for you or your partner – your love and marriage is more important than a material item!

This post was written by Kaeleigh Testwuide, Founder and Owner of The Diamond Reserve.

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