Diamonds might be a girl’s best friend, but they can also be a guy’s too.

As can sapphires, onyx, tuquoise and moissanite.

Shopping for a sparkler is a difficult task at the best of times, but when you’re looking for a love token, that’s not only beautiful, special and unique, but maybe a bit more masculine too, it gets that little bit harder.

And yes, we’ll share plenty of masculine rings below, but at Bridal Musings we’re all about breaking gender norms (in the words of Jonathan Van Ness “Yes, honey!”) No, you don’t have to pick something “Manly” for your man’s engagement ring. And really, what is “Manly” mean, anyway? My favorite choice of the 20 below is a damn sparkly, emerald-cut diamond ring that I know any person – male, female, hetero or lgtbqia+ – would die to wear.

So, with that in mind, we thought we’d bring you a selection of beautiful rings, with something almost every man will love.

When it comes to engagement rings for men, there are no hard and fast rules. Some of the ones we’ve selected are specifically designed for guys, while others simply rings with darker tones, subtle sparkle, or a more masculine shape.

While we expect the choice of men’s engagement rings will grow over the next few years, there is a lot of choice already, once you get creative, and shop around. While engagement rings don’t necessarily call for a diamond, they do tend to be a little more special than a wedding band, whether that’s in the form of etchings, cut-outs, or gemstones.

Popular stones for guys include black diamonds, colored sapphires and matte stones like onyx or bloodstone. (Check out our posts on proposal rings and our alternative gem guide for ideas).

You can also play around with metal choices for your other half too. While platinum and gold are always desirable, green, rose, and black gold are increasingly popular for men, as are tungsten, zirconium, titanium, gunmetal and sterling silver.

So, whether your other half has classic tastes (try a signet), cool and edgy style (salt & pepper diamonds), or perhaps something understated and romantic (hello, blue sapphire), scroll through 20 of our favorite picks, to guarantee a ‘Yes!’…

1. Diamond Bar

Baguette Diamond Bar Ring by Artemer via Etsy

2. Twilight Blue

Blue Sapphire Engagement Ring by Melissa Tyson Designs via Etsy

3. Modern Stacking Rings

LGBTQIA+ Modern Stacking Wedding Ban Set by LOLiDE via Etsy

4. The OG Mood Ring

Vintage 1940s Color Change Glass Ring from Maejean Vintage via Etsy

5. Artisanally Hammered

Faceted Gold Ring by Capucinne via Etsy

6. Emerald Morning

Emerald Engagement Ring by Melissa Tyson Designs via Etsy

7. Simple & Elegant

Round Diamond Ring by Minimal VS via Etsy

8. Heavy Metal

Natural Diamond Solitaire Men’s Engagement Ring by Jewelry by Garo via Etsy

9. Something Blue

Perdot Ring by Ila via Catbird

10. Yes, You Can Sparkle

Deco Solitaire Ring by Erstwhile via Catbird

11. Vegas Bound

Cluster Engagement Ring with Purple Lilac Sapphires by Artemer via Etsy

12. Georgian Boy

Georgian Ring by Susan Highsmith via Catbird

13. Copper Crossover

Diamond Cross Design Ring by Stones & Gold via Etsy

14. Somewhere Beyond the Sea

Vintage Mosaic Opal Ring from Maejean Vintage via Etsy

15. Gray Glitter Never Hurt

Gray Moissanite Engagement Ring by Melissa Tyson Designs via Etsy

16. Black Diamond

Aura Ring by Blanca Monros Gomez via Catbird

17. The New Southwest

Kingman Turquoise Inlay Ring by Leander Dambrosia via Etsy

18. Half Moon

Sapphire Half Moon Ring by Minimal VS via Etsy

19. Trillion Diamond

Trillion Diamond Engagement Ring by Artemer via Etsy

20. Salt & Pepper

Hexagon Salt & Pepper Diamond Engagement Ring by Capucinne via Etsy

Aren’t they beautiful? I love the loud & proud baguette diamond bar ring, but the salt & pepper diamond in that last one is a really unique showstopper, too.

Oh, and if you’re hoping to be the one proposed to – don’t forget to pin your favorite to show to your other half!

Once he’s said “Yasss!” be sure to shop through these gorgeous engagement announcements & Save The Date cards.

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