I've really missed our weekly DIY journey into the creative minds of Jodi and Kelly of Anna Lee Company while I've been MIA so it's great to welcome them back to Bridal Musings!

Anna Lee Company take simple, cheap and easily available materials and show couples how to turn them into wedding magic.

Take their recent DIY project ~ black paper + a steady hand = chic silhouettes which can be used in a variety of fabulous ways at your wedding!

DIY Silhouette Cake Topper Tutorial

Silhouettes are a simple (and cost effective) way to add a touch of style to your cake or dessert. Your cake topper silhouette can be of anything your heart desires whether it be you and the Mr, hearts, creatures, etc.

To make your own silhouettes you will need black paper (I use black Canson paper, which can be found at any art store), an X-Acto knife and a cutting mat. Take a profile picture (or find a simple image of the motif you'd like use such as the deer or hearts) and either trace over it with a black marker or using a computer editing program; I used Adobe Illustrator. Print out and set on top of your black paper and cut your image out with your X-Acto knife. This works best if you change your blade often and always use a sharp one.

Once you've made your silhouette glue a skewer to the back of it. Then, all you do is stick the skewer in your cake and you have a wonderfully handcrafted cake topper. You can find simple animal illustrations on stock image sites such as iStock.com.

That deer cake topper would be perfect for a woodsy wedding and those heart cupcake toppers are right up my street! Rumour has it Anna Lee Company may make custom silhouettes for their upcoming Etsy store. This is most exciting news for those of us who are more BUY than DIY!

To see their other paper silhouette DIY ideas check out their silhouette couple  portraits and their unique table number silhouettes. They're so darn creative.

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Featured image via Silhouette Weddings on Etsy