Okay, lovelies – if you've been fasting & green-juicing in preparation for holiday desserts this weekend, perhaps you should skip this post. We're about to serve some serious 2020 cake envy…

Today, we’re rounding up the most gorgeous (& likely delicious) wedding cakes of 2020.

It’s no secret we have a wedding cake obsession. After all, you can still enjoy wedding cake after you’re married! From dainty little confections to majestic tall-tiered cakes like this one, we love all things sugar, butter, eggs & flour.

What else do we love? Pairing cakes with cocktails (and other libations)! Jump here to find six delicious & inspirational cake & cocktail pairings!

Planning to bake your own wedding cake? Don't butter the tins until you've read our handy & helpful guide first!

Here are our favorite cakes sourced from real weddings & styled shoots on the blog, and inspiration from our Instagram (give us a follow for continuous cake coverage!)

The 10 Prettiest Wedding Cakes of 2020

1. Ombre Orchid Wedding Cake

Photo by Laura Martha Photography & cake by Avant Garde Cake Studio via Bridal Musings

2. Butterfly Blue Wedding Cake

Photo by Danielle Harris Photography & Cake by WildFlour Pastry via Bridal Musings

3. Mini Orchid Wedding Cake

Photo by Etcetera Photo & Cake by Bloom & Butter via Bridal Musings

4. Levitating Wedding Cake

Photo by Elizaveta Photography & cake by Sweet Creations Cakes via Bridal Musings

5. The Queen Mother Wedding Cake

Photo by Eric Kelley & cake by Fosh Catering via Bridal Musings

6. Classic White Wedding Cake

Photo by Wike Zijlstra Photography & cake by Synies Paris via Bridal Musings

7. Ocean Blue Wedding Cake

Photo by Claire Eliza & cake by Janet Tran via Bridal Musings

8. Gilded Chocolate Wedding Cake

Photo by Krust Photography & cake by Cakes by Zoya via Bridal Musings

9. Artsy Wedding Cake

Photo by Paula O'Hara & cake by Cove Cake Design via Bridal Musings

10. Watercolor Wedding Cake

Photo by Jacobo Pachon & cake by Makpo via Bridal Musings

Okay, & one extra (because these two are so cute!)

Photo by Roberta Facchini & cake by Preludio via Bridal Musings

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