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How To Live Stream Your Wedding Proposal

Imagine this: you’re down on one knee, sparkling engagement ring in hand, atop some crystalline mountain peak or beside glittering seaside asking for your love’s hand in marriage. It’s an incredible, intimate moment you can now share in real-time with faraway friends and family, and watch again throughout our life together thanks to this remarkable new idea: proposal live streaming.

Live streaming has seen an upward trend in the last year – from live-streamed concerts to zoom hangouts with friends. So it’s no surprise that virtual weddings, zoom weddings, and Instagram live elopements are just as common as receiving a standard wedding invitation. We’ve shared info on how to live stream your wedding, but today, we’re delighted at the thought of being able to live stream your proposal, too.

Follow along with our friends at Lovecast as we share our tips for a flawless live stream proposal. Their HD live streaming site is easy and free for you and guests to use (with no downloading necessary). In one click you can share your stream with no time limits and no guest limits.

As technology changes, so do our current climate for hosting celebrations and feeling close to the ones we love. We’re confident you can have the coolest streamed proposal – who’s ready to get engaged?

Here are our expert tips for a flawless live stream marriage proposal…

1. Plan The Proposal

Outdoor hike? Fun photo session with a professional photographer? A night out for dinner or drinks? However you decide to propose, make sure to include a plan to set up your smartphone. We recommend an extra set of hands, like a friend or photographer, be in charge of the streaming. Or, staging a photo together with your phone can work as the perfect transition. There’s nothing like a photo-op turned engagement!


How to Live Stream Your Wedding Proposal – Lovecast – Stephen Leonardi
Photo by Stephen Leonardi via Unsplash

2. Let The People Know

Whether you want to include friends, family, or all your coworkers, make sure to give a heads up to the people you want available. Lovecast generates your own private link and that’s all your guests need to join. On the day of the proposal, they’ll receive a notification that the event is about to start. This gives you the flexibility to be “in the moment” just in case the timing isn’t exact. Let the proposal feel natural and nobody will miss the excitement.

3. Do A Test Run

Before the proposal, make sure to test out the platform with a trusted friend or with the person who will be with you that day. This will guarantee everything will run smoothly. Do they know how to use the stream or where they will be standing? Do you know where you’ll want to hide your phone? You’ll also be able to visualize what the stream will look like to get a feel for the best angle for the camera. A solid plan makes for a stress-free day.

How to Live Stream Your Wedding Proposal – Lovecast – Jasmine Carter – Pexels
Photo by Jasmine Carter via Pexels

4. Propose

Obviously, this is the best part. Since you’ve already sent out links to your guests, you get to enjoy the day as you’ve planned. They’ll receive notifications to join as soon as your live stream begins. Don’t rush it or worry about timing. We’re big fans of being in the moment. It’s about love, after all!

5. Watch It Again & Share It!

Lovecast automatically saves your private video to your phone and to the website. So even though you’ll be focused on your partner, you can both enjoy the video and re-live the excitement again later, after you’re done celebrating.

How to Live Stream Your Wedding Proposal – Lovecast – Ethan Robertson
Photo by Ethan Robertson via Unsplash

Why Livestream With Lovecast

Lovecast is a streamlined HD platform made specifically for couples to broadcast their love. Your guests don’t need to download an app or prepare a login before the event. They simply need to click the link you’ve created to join. The site takes care of the rest. So whether that means grandparents and extended family, or people who live internationally, anyone can be there with ease.

Essentially, you are having an intimate proposal without a literal crowd of people around you. This also gives your partner the option to decide if they want to end the live stream after you propose, or if they want to say hello to their besties or family on the stream! Truly, we can’t think of anything more special.

And our favorite feature? A recording is automatically saved for your phone and on your website, so you can keep sharing the experience with friends, on social media, and re-watch all the magic again as a couple. And yes, it saves your guests’ reactions too! So you can read those comments after the big moment!

How to Live Stream Your Wedding Proposal – Lovecast – Brandon Cormier
Photo by Brandon Cormier via Unsplash

Essential Info

Check out the Lovecast website for more information on their HD live streaming platform. Start planning your live steam marriage proposal now with the help of Lovecast, and check out their FAQs section for helpful answers to all your live streaming questions.

“We believe that time and distance shouldn’t be a barrier to celebrating important events with your loved ones.”

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This post was made in partnership with Lovecast.

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