You may be new to this whole “streaming a wedding” thing, so we’re here to ensure that while life may be unpredictable, your virtual wedding doesn’t need to be. The journey you take is up to you – destination wedding live stream, within budget, here we come!

Today, we’re sharing pricing details for what it really costs to plan a wedding live stream by focusing on the best live streaming services, platforms and apps and the different pricing packages they offer.

General video conferencing sites begin with free options for a low-key streaming experience, while full-service sites like LoveStream offer packages with desirable bells & whistles starting at $450 to really seal your day in an effortless and quality filming experience.

Choosing a platform will determine what type of streaming equipment you use (or rent), how many guests can be in attendance, and how much time you have to stream. It will also determine how much you’ll be spending on their services. That’s where this price guide comes in.

Brides & grooms, let’s find the perfect site at a price point that works for your wedding!

Free & Low-Budget Live Streaming Options

Let’s start with the basics. Mainstream video conferencing sites & social media platforms have simple versions available for free.

2020 was the year everyone became familiar with Zoom video conferencing or Google Hangouts. Sites like these offer brides & grooms a more DIY route to hosting a live-streamed event. However, these free options limit the number of guests and often come with a time limit.

Want to allow more guests or a longer streaming time? Zoom & Google Hangouts allow upgrade options to increase these features. Upgrades start at just $8 per month for Google Hangouts and $150 for a year-long Zoom Pro account.

If you don't desire your virtual guests ‘attend' with their own video stream too, you can always stream your wedding via Instagram Live or Facebook Live publically for free. The only cost you'll accrue will be any of the ‘Extra Costs to Expect' we've outlined further below. We're talking tripods, iPhone accessories, coordinators and perhaps even special lighting if you so please.

In conclusion, general video “meeting” websites aren’t specifically designed for weddings and thus don’t offer the same perks as others. This could make troubleshooting on your wedding day difficult, as they aren’t as user-friendly for you or your guests. But please, don’t let us discourage you from starting an Instagram Live and streaming the event in the moment!

Mid-Range Budget & Luxury Live Streaming Options

This leads us to our list of full-service wedding streaming favorites.

First, let’s gush about LoveStream. They offer three different packages that vary in pricing from $450 to $1850. All packages include a virtual guest book, tech support, and a downloadable copy of your stream.

Choosing your package will depend on what type of extras you are looking for, like renting additional gear or even having a producer there behind the camera! Their most popular package, LoveStream Plus, costs $950 and includes the ability to add a slideshow and pre-recorded videos for your virtual guests to watch. We love how personal you can make the experience for your guests!

Lovecast is a great option for the DIY couple who wants to have a more organized approach to streaming. All you need is a cell phone to host, and your guests can view it from an easily shareable link.

While their basic services are free, Lovecast also offers a $100 Premium package. This includes customizable and interactive options for your guests, like unlimited streaming time, a guestbook, and the ability to link to your gift registry. Use the code BRIDALMUSINGS for 15% off your Premium Lovecast package.

The wedding planning experts at Simply Eloped know how to help you in everything from obtaining your marriage license to planning out your ceremony. This site is great for a couple that might want to elope or who doesn’t have time to plan out all the details. Packages start at $400 (and are customizable depending on your needs) to include a professional for tech support, an officiant, and general help with planning anything in-between. They help you live stream through Zoom, but also incorporate their team of wedding experts into your planning.

Wedfuly prides themselves in a professional virtual experience with unlimited guests for $1,200. This means a thorough experience from start to finish. They generously include rehearsal time, tech advice, and an MC who helps run the day and even plays music for you. Think of them as your virtual wedding coordinators!

Extra Costs to Expect

When filling out your wedding budget spreadsheet, there are other aspects to financially consider: the equipment you’ll need to carry out the day.

This could be a good time to upgrade your internet, computer or cellphone streaming device for a high-speed connection or a better quality camera. If your event is indoors you may decide to rent additional lighting. This could add an additional $50 – $1,000 depending on what you want to upgrade.

The item you'll definitely need? A tripod & iPhone attachment. Even if you go the entirely free DIY live stream route, you'll need a way to prop up your phone, which can cost as little as total. We also recommend getting an iPhone attachment that includes a Bluetooth remote, so it anyone can hit ‘record' and ‘stop' instantly from anywhere at your ceremony.

Since so many sites offer the option of downloading your stream, we think it’s worth spending a little extra on a stream you can see, hear, and really enjoy the quality. Think of it as your own wedding video!

Final Tips

Our last bit of advice: consider the cost of designating a person in charge. A few streaming sites like LoveStream and Wedfuly already include the option of having a producer there to direct the flow of the day. But if you choose to DIY your day, designate a friend, hire a wedding professional like a day-of coordinator, or make sure your wedding live streaming package includes the option of letting someone manage the video content. You get to celebrate, and they can be behind the lens capturing all the wedding day magic.

And finally, please make sure your iPhone is fully charged!

Ready to plan your wedding live stream? Here is our full list of wedding live streaming platforms & services and get our complete guide to virtual weddings.