When I was on the hunt for my perfect bridal shoe for our wedding my number one requirement was thus: something blue.

Not just for the tradition (or superstition, depending on how you look at it) but because blue is definitely ‘my color'. Blue wedding shoes being quite stylish & abundant these days, it wasn't a tough search. In fact, there are so many blue bridal heels, booties, flats & sandals it's near impossible to choose just one pair!

Photo via Anine Bing

So of course, I ordered two – because we always need more gorgeous ditties for our shoe closet, right?

Next on my “must-have” wedding shoe requirements was that they needed to be very fashion-forward, comfortable and able to be worn on the beach without sinking into the sand. Eventually, I found these super-cool, patent powder blue Via Spiga heeled sandals made in Italy (RIP Via Spiga). They were so perfect to wear at our beach wedding given their chunky block heel & secure ankle strap. Although let's be real, I was barefoot by the end of the night (no regrets).

Nearly three years have passed and I'd say blue wedding shoes are even more popular now than they were then – giving all my brides plenty of choice for their ‘Something Blue' treasures. We've narrowed it down to our 20 favorite styles for every budget below. You'll find comfortable flats & chunky heels, sexy stilettos & classic pumps. Even some radical rock-and-roll bridal boots!

20 Blue Bridal Shoes We Love for Your ‘Something Blue'

Aveline 100 Dove Blue Sandals by Jimmy Choo

Erol Knotted Cotton Sandals
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