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Top Tips & Ideas For Creating The Perfect Wedding Photo Album

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So you received hundreds of wedding photos from your photographer? Maybe you made a few prints, framed some of your favorite wedding photos, or sent a few of your faves to family in the mail. But what about the rest of your wedding photo reel?

Let’s design your perfect wedding photo album! Your big day deserves to be displayed in a keepsake that matches the effort that went into your wedding planning. With our top tips for organizing your wedding images, you’ll be able to easily design and print your own high-quality photo album with Mpix.

Their Signature Photo Album is an elegant leather photo album with layflat binding that can hold up to 100 beautifully printed pages. With professional-quality paper and printing, it’s designed to be enjoyed and last for generations.

Also, the Signature Photo Album is an affordable way to preserve and display your wedding memories. Mpix is an essential site for premium quality photos, albums, and stationery. They offer fast and free shipping anywhere in the US for orders of $35 or more, and hand-makes each piece without outsourcing.

Honor your big day by encapsulating all the magic in your own Signature Photo Album for your wedding photos. Here’s our foolproof way to designing your own – the ultimate keepsake from your wedding day. And when you’re ready, use the promo code bridalmusings4021 for 40% off albums through August 15, 2021. Standard disclaimers apply.

First, Organize Your Favorite Photos

Before you start designing your album, begin selecting your favorite images. The images that will make you happier will be the ones you sincerely love, not the photos ‘you think you should choose’.

Move these photos into a favorites folder to keep them organized. Feel free to include doubles. For example, you can absolutely include images that were taken both in portrait & landscape. Or include photos shot in color and also in black and white. This will be useful as you start designing your album to have options for what works best with your layout as it comes to life.

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Next, Check The Image Size & Quality

This is important! Your photographer will hopefully have delivered the images to you at full, high-resolution printing size. But, you’ll want to make sure! Depending on how you’ve stored & view your photos, check the image size of your images. Make sure you’re using the largest, most high-resolution version so they look as clear & crisp in your book as possible.

Mpix has a super helpful guide that will tell you exactly how to get the best print from your photos.

Layout Your Album For High Drama & Intimate Moments

Mpix offers albums in square, portrait, or landscape orientations. Select the shape and size that works best for you and that fits where you’ll plan to keep it stored. Imagine what it will feel like when it’s opened. For example, the 12”x8” album (landscape) will open to feel much longer, adding to the dramatic presentation.

As you begin adding your photos to your album, allow yourself moments of high drama. Think of it like a magazine. Both pages open together as a spread. This will help make the mood cohesive as someone flips through your album.

For vertical images, consider one per page, and for horizontal photos, stretch them between two pages. Dragging your photos to the edge of the page will make a bigger impact. Allowing photos to have white space around the edges create more intimate, framed moments. This feeling is entirely up to you.

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Tell Your Story

In general, we recommend laying out your images chronologically, with room for your own inspiration.

Start with shots of the landscape, your venue, or morning events to set up the context for your wedding. Then select getting ready photos with your dress and bridesmaids, moving to your first look together as a couple. It will feel like a natural progression of the morning. Add detailed shots of your tables, decor, or anything else that’s set up before the ceremony that was meaningful to you. And again, let the ceremony and reception story be told through your photos as they happened that day. Finally, end on a high note. Pick your send-off, a great image from your reception, or something that encapsulates your day.

Pro Tip: It’s okay to organize your images however you feel! If you didn’t care about the decor or about dancing photos, then don’t include them. If you want to follow a more emotional journey, then start your album with a few photos of you and your partner together. And remember, you this is for you! You don’t have to include photos of anyone you don’t want to.

Album Cover

Yeah, selecting an album cover isn’t just for musicians. Mpix’s Signature Photo Album includes the option for personalized text and debossing – aka gorgeous gold & silver foil! You can write your names, the wedding date, a sweet quote, or even your wedding hashtag!

Then, choose from ten timeless full-grain leather cover options that are all moisture-resistant (sigh of relief).

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Final Album Tips

Here are some final details that will make a big impact on your album.

Choose Your Paper

For paper selection, do you want gloss, lustre, or deep matte? This will change how your prints look in person, and how it feels to turn the pages of your album. A deep matte page might feel more like an artistic coffee table book, while luster or gloss will give the images some additional life, feeling more like a true photo album.

Get an Extra Set of Eyes

Make sure your images are aligned with even spacing and a consistent style. Have a friend or your partner give it a final “edit” to make sure there are no big mistakes or empty pages. However, if you run into any issues along the way, Mpix has a 100% satisfaction guarantee to make things right.

Don’t Overthink it, Show off Your Favorite Photos

Let the good images speak for themself, and don’t worry too much about trying to fit a lot of images in each spread or overcomplicating your layouts. The good photos are easy to enjoy on their own. Trust that you don’t need to overthink it to have the perfect wedding photo album.

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Essential Info

Get started designing your Signature Photo Album with Mpix with their user-friendly album builder by visiting their website.

Use promo code bridalmusings4021 for 40% off albums through August 15, 2021. Standard disclaimers apply.

Mpix Photo Lab has a heart for storytelling, creation, and premium quality photo goods that stand the test of time.

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This post was made in partnership with Mpix.

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