Dreaming of the picture-perfect first kiss at your wedding ceremony? Let's make sure it's a framable moment. There's one thing you must ask your wedding officiant to do before you walk down the aisle. Luckily, it's a simple request…

For the perfect first kiss photo, ask your ceremony officiant to step aside when they announce your first kiss. Why? Well, frankly, so when those magic first kiss photos arrive your officiant's head and body aren't sticking out between the two of you. Often, we see gorgeous first kiss photos with a celebrant smashed in the middle of the newly-wedded couple. That's fine, but it's not exactly intended to be their romantic moment.

So, before you waltz down the aisle to whatever fabulous song you've chosen. Task your photographer, your maid-of-honor, your best man or a trusted family member. Just before the ceremony, they can have a quick chat with your officiant about that first-kiss moment. Ask them to give you ample space to either side. That way, your photographer's lens focus is on you two, rather than you three. Furthermore, if you've already asked your celebrant to do this in your official meetings, it's still a good idea to remind them moments before. Especially, if this is their first time marrying a couple.

Your photographer will thank you, and you'll thank yourselves for making this special moment an even more frame-worthy picture.

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