I've got a super simple DIY for y'all from those crafty Anna Lee Company girls.

I don't know why I'm typing American style…but let's go with it.

(It could be because I was moaning about having cold feet last night and a Twitter pal reminded me that I'll be a ‘Cali girl' this time next year. I like the sound of that ~ I may just have to go back to being a blonde and take up surfing!)

Anyway, onto the DIY. This week, it's an eco friendly 2 in 1 wedding DIY.

DIY Recycled Tin Can Planters

These simple and easy-to-create planters do a double duty job as a guest favor and assigning them to their seat. To create we used our recycled tin cans, spray paint, and masking tape. We started by removing the label and washing the cans. Once dry, we added masking tape (wherever we wanted the tin to show through) Next we painted with a few light layers of  spray paint. Finally, we added the succulents with appropriate soil and name tags with seating assignments on them.

I love how these planters could work for a variety of wedding styles depending on how you decide to decorate them. Keep them silver for a rustic affair or create masking tape stripes in your wedding colours for a more striking, modern look. Attach name tags using twine or string for a backyard style wedding or how about using cheap and cheerful luggage labels? Always a winner.

Thanks again to Jodi and Kelly for sharing their latest project. There's a LOT more awesome tin can DIYs to be found over on their blog. You wouldn't want to miss the cutest little mini can-cakes now would you? Seriously…you really wouldn't!

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