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To kick start the week, I've put together a beauty post that is an ode to brides with short hair. I've never been brave enough to go for the chop myself (I don't think short hair would suit me one bit) but I absolutely adore short hairstyles on brides.

Short And Chic Hairstyles

Let's start with a little look at some of the chicest short hairstyles gracing red carpets and catwalks. From pixie crops to bobs, poker straight to pin curls – these beauties prove that short hair rocks!

Listalwe heart it |imdbBecome Gorgeous | 3BPM is For MusicCelebrities-Hairstyle

(See lots more inspiration on my Hairstyles board on Pinterest)

Be True To Your Personal Style On Your Wedding Day

I was talking to a friend who is known for her signature, short, blonde bob but for some reason, the moment that engagement ring was on her finger, she started growing her hair so it could be worn up on her wedding day because she thought that was the ‘bridal' way. How crazy is that?

Brides, when it comes to beauty and style, please follow your hearts ~ don't wear what you think you should wear or style your hair in a certain way because it's considered more ‘bridal'. You want to feel like the best version of you on your wedding day not a cookie cutter bride!

Beautiful Short Haired Brides

Short haired brides show off their swan necks, pretty shoulders and the backs of their wedding dresses to perfection!

100 layer cakeOnce Wedstyle me prettyRuffledClaire ElizaOffbeat Bride

How To Style Short Hair On Your Wedding Day

Glam up short hair on your wedding day by adding curls, texture or volume and don't forget those all important accessories. Hair bands, hair clips and fascinators can add interest and romance while earrings or a pretty necklace complete any bridal look.

ruffledtimtab studiosstyle me prettyJames Moes via Bridal Musingswedding wireChrista Elyce via Bridal MusingsJulian Beattie via Bridal Musings

As I was searching for inspirational images of short haired brides for this post I noticed two things…

1) It seems that old adage about blondes having more fun was wrong ~ from these photos it appears short haired brides have all the fun!

2) Lots of short haired brides choose not to wear a veil (or opt for a birdcage veil)

For those of you who have short hair and like the thought of a chapel length veil, check out my gorgeous short haired friend, Kelly and her full length, pouffy, fabulous veil:

Photos by Funky Photographers ~ wedding coming to Bridal Musings in 2012 hurrah!

If you have short hair (or are thinking of going for the chop) I hope you found this post helpful.

However, as with all hairstyles, don't go for a drastic restyle a few months before your wedding. If possible, try to consider how you'd like to wear your hair 6 months to a year in advance and have a trim and a tidy up 2 weeks before your wedding.

Any short haired brides out there? I'd love to hear how you're wearing your hair on the big day!

Elizabeth x

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