Hello everybody,

How is your Christmas shopping going? (If you celebrate Christmas, that is.)

Are you one of those super organised types who have all their presents bought, wrapped and under the tree already? Or are you a bit more last minute, like me?!

If you are the latter, fear not, Jenna of Lucky Sixpence Events has the perfect gift solution!

Jenna's day job is in wedding and event design (she is a fantastic stylist and planner who I've had the pleasure of working with) but I recently found out that she moonlights as a crafty, tea cup candle maker extraordinaire. So I'm thrilled to be able to share her tea cup candle tutorial with you today:

Tea Cup Candle Tutorial

Get your shopping shoes on and head to your nearest charity shop to dig & delve around in search for the perfect teacups ~ this not only supports a local charity, but gives you that warm & fuzzy feeling inside too!

Your Creative Kit

• Vintage tea cups
• Eco friendly soy candle wax flakes
• Candle wicks
• Blutak
• Weighing scales
• Essential oil {my favourite is rosewater}
• Wooden skewers
• Microwave
• Measuring jug
• Oven glove / tea towel
• Jam thermometer
• Sharp knife
• Clingfilm

Step 1

Wash your teacup with soapy water and thoroughly dry, making sure that there is no dust caught in the cup. Fix the candle wick to the bottom centre of the teacup with a very small piece of Blutak {rather than glue ~ this means that your teacup can be returned to its former tea drinking glory at a future date should you wish!}.

Use 2 skewers to make a ‘wick support’ ~ place one each side of the wick, Blutak them together tightly and then use a little more to hold them in place on the teacup. This will ensure that the wick remains in the centre whilst the wax is poured and then hardens.

Repeat this step for all of your teacups {it makes sense to craft the teacup candles in batches}

Step 2

Through many a candle making session, I have worked out that approximately 140-160g of wax flakes is required for each teacup candle. Measure out the required amount for the number you are making. I prefer to use a microwave for speed and ease ~ place the wax flakes in a glass measuring jug and pop it in the microwave {uncovered} for 2 minutes on ‘high’. Using an oven glove / tea towel, remove the jug from the microwave and check to see if the wax is opaque/clear. If there are still visible flakes, return to the microwave in 30 second stages until they have melted.

Step 3

With your wax now thoroughly melted, place the jam thermometer in the jug and wait until the temperature has dropped to 180° . Once it has reached this point, you can add the essential oil to subtly scent the candle ~ patience is a virtue ~ putting the oil in at a higher temperature will diffuse the strength of the oil and reduce the delicious rosewater scent.

With your teacups lined up, you can now pour the scented wax into each one, being careful not to hit the ‘wick supports’. Pour the wax until it reaches approximately 1.5cm from the top.

Step 4

A bit more patience is required now, gently cover the teacups with clingfilm to ensure that no dust / lint settles on them, head off to have a cuppa and read a magazine…or while away some time on Bridal Musings or Pinterest {two of my favourite pastimes!} Wait approximately 1 hour, during which the wax will start to go cloudy & harden. At this time, melt a little more wax in the microwave and whilst it is cooling, use a sharp clean knife to gently pierce the wax near to the wick a few times ~ this will stop the wax ‘sinking’ as it hardens, which can lead to an uneven surface to your candle which makes me ever so sad.

With your ‘top up’ wax cooled and a little essential oil added, fill your teacups a further 0.5cm, recover with clingfilm and if possible leave them overnight to completely harden.

When you return to your craft HQ the following day, remove the cling film and then use sharp scissors to cut the wick to your chosen length and you can then also gently remove the ‘wick supports’.

Now it is time to decide if they are going to be a gift to a friend….or a gift to you, decisions decisions!

DIY vintage tea cup candle

Teacup candles are the perfect thank you gift for your bridesmaids (they'd be great for a tea party bridal shower) or maybe you could place a few in the centre of each table at your wedding and put a little note asking the girls to choose their favourite cup to take home at the end of the night. This not only gives them a lasting memory of your day, but also means that you have a table centre that is oh so very you!

Love this idea, but would love a ‘here’s one I made earlier’ teacup candle even more? Pop along to Jenna’s Etsy shop Lucky Loves Teacups for beautifully crafted vintage teacup candles and more!

All photos and styling by Jenna of Lucky Sixpence Events

Thanks so much to Jenna for such a detailed and helpful tutorial. I know what all the lovely ladies in my life will be getting for Christmas! Do you think you'll give tea cup candle making a go?

If you're based in the UK and looking for a wedding stylist or planner I can highly recommend Lucky Sixpence Events. Jenna's creativity, organizational sills and attention to detail are superb. Check out Lucky Sixpence Events, visit her blog or Facebook page.