This whimsical woodland shoot is full of rich colours, rustic, natural textures and soft, romantic imagery.

It depicts the hauntingly beautiful tale of a bride waiting in the woods for her groom that's sure to capture your imagination. She waits for hours, days, perhaps even years…

The beautiful photos come courtesy of Simply Jessie Photography, here's what she had to say about the shoot:

A group of talented vendors got together wanting an inspirational shoot void of pastels and pretty pinks to bring imagery to the bride with a love of nature and the beauty in the barren winter months.

Gold animal ornaments, deep purples, thistles, braids and boots…what's not to love?

Find out more about the inspiration behind this unique shoot below:

Katie from Jayne Weddings first hatched this idea and put together a gorgeous tablescape with the help of Fleur and paper goods by Ruby the Fox.  Katie describes her idea, “ We set the table to reflect how long she waits. Woodland creatures take over the once lush table, flowers are replaced by items found on the forest floor, but the candles still flicker and the linens still gleam a bright shade of purple.  Using candle plates instead of typical salad plates brought a nice matte black finish to the table. The chairs were wrapped in a braided fabric rope to make them look festive, but not over the top. Bundles of sticks were wrapped in matching mini rope as a “favor” to the guest.”

We asked Brit Cooper Robinson to be our woodland bride. Shelby Smith and Dena Miller helped us with hair and makeup to create a edgy yet regal look for her .  The dress was custom made by the super talented,Mignonette Designs.

In keeping with the natural melancholy aesthetic of shoot, the film by Put Down the Bourbon was shot in an dramatic raw perspective with an original music composition by Paper Door.  We didn’t want a smooth over-produced video but the edges a bit unkempt and an intimate perspective into this bride’s waiting.

If you have a few moments to spare, this film is beyond beautiful…

Muted Love. from Put Down the Bourbon on Vimeo.

Such an enchanting shoot and film!

As always I'd love to hear your thoughts (as would the team who put this beautiful shoot together).

This has made me fall in love with purple weddings again! How about you?

Also, are gold animal ornaments the new must have wedding detail?

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