We’ve currently got our focus on two things: engagement rings and proposals. Surprise proposals or planned proposals, we consider them all fabulous. And the best part – we can’t wait for you or your partner to get to show off your new sparkling ring!

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But how do you determine ring size? And how do you know if your ring fits properly? Lucky for you, we’re no strangers to engagement ring shopping. No matter if you plan to order a ring online, or shop in person, one of the biggest hurdles in selecting an engagement ring is finding the perfect fit.

Our ring experts have compiled the ultimate list of tips to ensure the best possible engagement ring fit. Let’s cover the basics of ring sizing, how to measure your ring finger, and what to do if you still need adjustments after the engagement. We’ve got you covered if you want to measure your finger at home, or if you need to schedule an extra trip to the jeweler.

If you’re ready to start engagement ring shopping, then come along on to some of our most helpful ring shopping guides. Not just for brides, either, this guide is for anyone planning to pop the question, or anyone expecting their own proposal. A perfect fit will ensure you love your engagement ring that much more.

The Facts About Hand & Ring Sizes

Hands and fingers fluctuate. This depends on the weather, temperature, activities throughout the day involving your hands, and even diet. Heat and humidity will cause hands to swell, while cooler temperatures will cause them to shrink. If you are planning to visit a jeweler and get your finger or partner’s finger size, this still might be an imperfect read. Try to go on a day that is fairly temperate, later in the afternoon, and without doing any strenuous activity beforehand (like cleaning or working out.)

How to Know Your Engagement Ring Fits

Your ring should feel comfortable most of the time that you are wearing it. Ideally, aim for a ring that isn’t so loose that it falls off when your hand is relaxed, but that isn’t so tight that the wearer can’t remove it easily. Is your ring spinning around on your finger? Does your ring leave a mark on your hand when you remove it? Both of these are signs of a ring that isn’t fitting properly.

How to Accurately Guess Engagement Ring Size

This is for the partner planning a surprise wedding proposal. In general, you can’t guess this perfectly. And that’s okay! Most ring styles can be adjusted within a reasonable amount. Aim for the most accurate guess from the information you can gather. The easiest tip – snag one of your partner’s rings. Either borrow the ring for the day and visit a jeweler to measure, or purchase a ring sizer and compare it to the measurements on the stick. Keep in mind which finger they wear this ring if their knuckles are significantly large or small, and any other details about their hands that would signal you to size up or size down from the ring you “borrowed.”

Measure Your Ring Size with Finger Circumference

The most simple way to measure ring size is by circumference or the entire distance around the finger. You’ll need a basic ruler or tape measure, and a thin piece of string or dental floss. Wrap the string around the base of the finger, marking where the string meets with a pen. Be sure to also measure the knuckle using the same method as before. If there is a large difference between the knuckle measurement and the base of the ring finger, pick a size that is between the two. For better accuracy, repeat your string measurement a few times. Then lay out the string and convert the length into millimeters. Using a ring size guide (you can find these everywhere online) compare your measurements to the chart. There you go!

Ring Sizers

Still feeling unsure? Or want to guarantee your ring size is exact? We highly recommend purchasing a ring sizer. Some options include sets of small plastic rings in every size. Try these on at home, and at varying times of the day to get a more accurate read. And like we said, if you are taking the surprise proposal approach, a ring size measuring stick will allow you to slide any of your partner’s rings onto it to find their size.

Measure Your Ring Size with a Jeweler

This is a super helpful hands on approach to determining ring size. Try on a style of engagement ring that is the most similar to what you may be purchasing. For example, a thinner band versus a thicker band. Things like color and stone type won’t matter as much as the width or the feel of the band.

Pro Tip: try on a ring slightly smaller as well as slightly looser than the one that feels “just right.” That way, you’ll know for certain if there was a more comfortable fit before you make your final decision.

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Helpful Tips to Remember When Selecting Your Ring Size

Purchasing a ring feels like a serious decision. Read about the jewelry designer’s exchange or sizing policy before finalizing your choice. Designers tend to be transparent about having a clear policy on resolving fit issues. If they don’t accept exchanges or returns, ask about their resizing policy and additional costs.

And remember, don’t sweat the size too much. Most rings can be resized. Even couples who measure their fingers with a professional may still choose to resize their rings out of comfort and personal taste as they adjust to the feel of wearing their new jewelry.

In the magic of a wedding proposal, ring size won’t be the main focus. So if it needs tweaks later on, rest assured knowing you made the most informed choice beforehand. Cheers, to your new fiance!

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