Wondering what to gift your future mother-in-law? Whether it's Mother's Day or a gift to say thank you on your wedding day, finding the right gift for new family members can be daunting. But, as you may know by now, we love gift shopping on Bridal Musings

First of all, don't panic. You may think you don't know enough about what the mother of the bride or mother of the groom might appreciate as a gift, but we have some words of wisdom. Many of the gifts below are quite similar to the best presents we've suggested for brides. That is to say, ladies across generations most often love the same kinds of gifts. Furthermore, this should give you comfort that you and your future mother-in-law (if you're the bride) have more in common than you thought!

Second of all, feel free to choose one gift to give together. As said in our Newly Engaged: Holiday Survival Guide, you're a team now. It's absolutely kosher to gift presents as a couple, rather than one gift from each of you. (Although, if you're shopping for a wedding-day present, a little gift just from you can be an incredible bridge to friendship!)

Finally, if you look at some of these gifts and wonder, “I'm just not sure that's her style,” that's okay! We have plenty of experiential gifts (& gifts to be consumed). I steer clear of decorating other people's homes or filling their wardrobes with clothing unless I know the giftee quite intimately.

Here are our best holiday & wedding-day gifts for the mother of the bride or mother of the groom…

1. Spa Days & Lavish Beauty Products

We've said it in our bridal gift list, we said it in our bridal shower gift guide: spa treatments & fancy beauty products are one of the best, more universally loved gifts you can give to a gal. And this absolutely extends to the moms, too!

Treat your mom or future MIL to a fabulous spa day to thank her for all the wedding planning help she's been giving. Or, maybe this is a way to say “I got the wedding planning, you relax and enjoy!” Facials, massages, body scrubs, manis & pedis – these are all thoughtful and wonderful gifts for mothers during the stressful holidays & to prep for wedding-day fun.

DIY spa days can be lavish, too! If your future mother-in-law isn't near a day spa as fabulous as she is, splurge on luxury beauty goods that can be used at home. As we said in our bridal gift guide, “We love natural face masks that leave your skin exfoliated and silky smooth. Jade rollers are a fun tool & who doesn’t love basically any beauty splurge from Aesop!”

2. Jewelry

Photo by Claire Eliza & Pearl Ring by Melissa Tyson Designs

Jewelry gifts transcend generations. I don't know a lady who wouldn't love the sentiment and sparkle of a necklace, bracelet, earrings or any other bauble.

If you've spent any time with your future mother-in-law you've probably gotten an idea of their jewelry style. Maybe she's sparkly or perhaps more demure. Does she wear a lot of gold or funky beads? If you have just the slightest direction in style it's really hard to go wrong. Plus, a jewelry gift is always special.

Etsy is filled with gorgeous handmade jewelry of every metal, stone, style & budget. You can even search shops local to her so there's some sort of special story to your gift. If she's a sparkly mom, Moissanite jewelry is ethical, more radiant than Diamonds and a major budget buy. (You can read our Moissanite vs Diamonds Guide here).

For a more natural look, we love these raw rose quartz studs or this hammered diamond necklace from Melissa Tyson Designs.

3. Flowers

Have you seen the look on anyone's face when flowers arrive at the door? It's always a gift-giving win!

We've raved before about flower delivery service, Urban Stems: “Tasteful, elevated bouquets far beyond the grocery store bundle. These aren’t just flowers you can ship overnight. Urban Stems work directly with their Rainforest Alliance Certified farms to ensure a more environmentally friendly approach to florals.”

Vase & Flowers available on Afloral

Another sustainable option is the incredible silk & dried florals available at Afloral. Pick out a beautiful vessel, mix and match their dried florals & faux florals for an arrangement that will never wilt. And if your mother of the bride or mother of the groom in question is a florist savant herself, they have beautiful tools like pin frogs, snips & pretty candles, too.

4. Fine Foods, Ingredients & Spices

Want a gift that won't take up space in the re-gifting closet? Food gifts are a fabulous way to spoil someone without the, “Now I have to keep this forever,” risk.

If your mom in question is an avid baker, package up a gift box of high-quality baking chocolate, the best Tahitian vanilla, rosewater & orange blossom, whole nutmeg and organic cinnamon sticks.

For the savory chef, it's easy to splurge on spices, oils & vinegar that are too indulgent to make her usual grocery shopping list. Local infused olive oils for finishing are a great gift for the chef. Or, fill her cabinet with the world's most coveted spices: saffron, Aleppo pepper & the queen of spices: cardamom.

European Cheese available at Williams Sonoma

But maybe she's not a chef at all yet still a massive foodie? Send her the gift of not having to cook! Williams Sonoma has an entire section of luxury food gifts that go beyond the pantry staples. Shop charcuterie boards, appetizers and caviar, even proteins like smoked salmon, roasted turkey and whole cooked king crab!

Lastly, (you can tell I care a lot about food) as a Pacific Northwesterner, I have to urge you to gift any oyster loving mother an oyster delivery from the world-renowned & family-run oyster farm, Hama Hama. You can schedule an arrival date and the oysters will ship overnight, arriving with all the instructions to store, shuck & enjoy her lavish shellfish gift.

5. Subscriptions Tailored to Her Hobbies

How about gifting your future mother-in-law a monthly reminder of how much you care? Subscription gifts are so popular these days you can find a monthly gift tailored to just about every interest & hobby!

For the active mother, maybe monthly sessions with a tennis pro? For the mom who deserves pampering, you can sign her up for monthly at-home massages on the app Zeel. Local florists often offer monthly floral arrangement subscriptions and The Sill offers a plant-of-the-month club. Not to mention, there are endless food-of-the-month clubs online for cheese, olive oil, chocolate. And, let's not forget: wine…

6. Her Favorite Wine

Of course, this could be listed in our fine food section or subscriptions if you're signing her up for a wine club. But, wine is such a fabulous gift – in my opinion – that it deserves its own entire category.

If you know your mom or future MIL's favorite wine, your job is done. You can order online and have it shipped or call a local wine shop near her home to have it hand-delivered.

If you don't know her favorite wine here's my tip: you can't go wrong with Champagne. I'm not talking about just any sparkling wine like Prosecco or the like (that's not Champagne, FYI). Champagne is solely a French sparkling wine that comes only from the region of Champagne, and frankly, it's the best.

Favorites of mine (have I mentioned I worked in a wine shop?) are Vouette et Sorbee, Pierre Peters, Bereche et Fils & Agrapart. All of these I've mentioned are classified as Grower Champagnes. Walk into your local wine shop and say you'd like a Grower Champagne and you'll get the best bottle and some wine-knowledge cred.

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