Are you a Covid couple planning, re-planning & re-planning your wedding since March 2020? You're probably a Covid-19 wedding planning pro. But, if you're newly engaged and still on “Plan A” for your wedding day, a stressful question may be keeping you up at night. “What does the Omicron variant mean for my wedding?”

Having covered every possible Covid-19 wedding topic for the last two years, we're ready with expert advice. From rescheduling your day to finding creative ways to include far-away guests who can't travel in your day, there isn't a Covid-19 wedding-related question we haven't been asked yet.

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So, what does this new variant news mean for 2022 weddings? So little is known about the severity of this new disease. It's unclear what the long-term effects of a winter surge will be on the upcoming wedding season. It's impossible for us to know now whether event restrictions will be in place Spring & Summer of 2022. On the flip side, the upcoming wedding industry may be “all systems go” if governments choose keep the current travel & event rules already in place.

That being said, we can offer plenty of advice on how to be prepared & tackle any changes you may need to make to your wedding plans in the coming months.

1. Be prepared.

It's good to be mentally prepared that your wedding plans might change. As any bride or groom who's ever gotten married – in the Covid-19 era or before – weddings don't always go as planned! It's important to be prepared & adaptable with your mind & budget in the case that your event may need to be rescheduled, moved outdoors or to another location or cut down in size.

2. Offer guests a wedding live stream alternative.

With the possibility of your guests getting sick & unable to attend or travel, it would be wonderful to provide an alternative option to in-person attendance. We have the ultimate guide on virtual weddings & already rounded up the list of the best wedding live stream platforms & services on the market. Our favorite option for those who want the ‘white-glove service' is LoveStream.

3. Purchase face masks for your bridal party & wedding guests.

Want to kill two birds with one stone? Wedding face masks make great wedding favors! You'll ensure every guest has a mask if required at your wedding (or just to make your guests feel comfortable) even if they forget theirs at home. You can buy packs of fancy masks on Etsy & we've listed our favorite wedding face masks for brides, grooms, bridal parties and guests here.

4. Check-in with your wedding venue.

Now would be a good time to contact your wedding venue to find out if capacity restrictions have or will change. Your venue can also let you know what their policies are for rescheduling (if it comes to that), moving events outdoors and any other possibilities. The good news is, as we've all been experiencing the pandemic for nearly two years, your venue probably already has plans A, B, C and D ready for you.

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5. Consult with your planner.

No one has better answers for what the backup plan is than your wedding planner. They will be able to calm your nerves. Your planner can offer ideas of what can easily change. They may have alternatives if you need to alter anything about your wedding plans. Wedding planners have always been the true angels of the wedding industry and nothing has been truer throughout this pandemic.

6. Have an outdoor space ready.

Getting married outside? Fabulous! You're already less likely to have to move your wedding location due to new Covid-19 event requirements. But, if you're throwing an indoor wedding, it's best to have a backup plan. If rules change, you may need to move your celebration outside. Given that the disease spreads more quickly indoors, an outdoor wedding is the safest option. Plus, we've seen in the past stricter capacity restrictions on indoor events than outdoor ones. If you have an outdoor venue ready, you're less likely to need to cancel or cut your guest list.

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7. Consider travel & wedding insurance.

Worried about getting funds back from your booked venue, vendors, flights and hotels? You may want to compare and contrast the various travel insurance & wedding insurance plans available for 2022. Make sure whatever plans you purchase cover Covid-19 related cancellations.

8. Don't panic.

We want you to be prepared for any possible changes to your wedding plans. But, we don't want you to panic. This help & advice is supposed to calm your nerves and remind you that you have plenty of options to pivot your plans and plenty of experienced people around you ready to help.

Given that the wedding industry has already been through two canceled and vastly changed wedding seasons, your vendors & venue are likely more prepared to provide the service you originally booked. Or, at least they'll have options available for the ‘worst-case scenario'.

But, the worst-case scenario may not happen at all! We don't know yet how detrimental the Omicron variant will be to global health and more minutely, the wedding industry. If you're prepared mentally for any changes, feel free to carry on with excitement for your upcoming wedding.

“My philosophy is that worrying means you suffer twice.” — Newt Scamander in ‘Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them'

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