You can buy all the best face creams and book regular facials. But, it'll all be in vain if you ignore one crucial part of your bridal beauty regimen: ample sleep.

Jennifer Lopez photographed by Chris Appleton

I know when I was a bride I wanted that ‘JLo glo'. The ulta-beautiful 52 year old singer, actress & dancer is the beacon of youth & beauty. While we may not have the same level of funds for ample facials & fancy skin care, Jennifer Lopez has one skincare secret that can be shared by all: sleep.

“The number one tip is to always get enough sleep. I can’t stress this enough. Ideally I would love to get nine or 10 hours of sleep, but either way, I always make sure I get at least eight,” Lopez told InStyle.

Photo by Heather Nan

Just like reducing wedding planning stress, getting better sleep is going to help your skin majorly. (Not to mention, how both of those things go hand in hand, too!). Better sleep is truly the secret to bridal beauty. But, it's easier said than done, right? Brides & grooms can universally relate to staying up all night worrying about missing RSVPs and how to properly arrange their reception's seating chart. All of those missed “Zzz's” can reak havoc on your skin & nerves.

We've chatted about what wedding planning stress can do to your skin, and lack of sleep can certainly do the same! If you're looking to minimize wedding day pimples & blemishes and reduce those dark undereye circles, getting more restful hours of sleep will do you wonders. The equation is plain and simple: better sleep = better skin.

So, we decided to reach out to our friends at Be Inspired PR – their handy group of wedding planning pros – to find out if anyone had any good foolproof sleep tactics.

Invest in some fancy sleep aids.

“I'm not the best sleeper. I've struggled with the late-night worries before, during & after getting engaged and becoming married. Not to mention, I spent ten years living in “The City That Doesn't Sleep” with street lamps out my window & delivery trucks falling into potholes outside my window at 3 am. If there's a sleep strategy, I've tried it. In the process, I've found a number of luxe sleeping aids that make it easier for me to fall asleep & stay asleep…

  • Lunya Moisturizing Silk Sleep Mask: What originally was purchased for my frequent transatlantic red-eye flights soon became a nightly at-home routine. This silk sleep mask is so much more comfortable than the cheap ones from the aiport. It has a wide plush band that doesn't pinch. My body knows when I have it on, it's time to sleep. The silk is moisturizing for your face and washable, meaning it won't harm your skin, but benefit it. Plus, it'll help if you live in the city where it never quite gets dark enough, that'll do the trick. A sleep mask keeps your eyes from opening up and checking your phone.
  • Silk Pillow Case: A bridal beauty must! Help your sleep & your skin twofold by swapping your current pillowcase with a pretty silk number. Natural silk (as said above) is moisturizing, meaning your skin will actively be improving overnight. Plus, luxe silk fabric will be cool & keep you comfy aiding easier & lengthier hours of REM. Another pro, silk pillowcases are gentler for your locks. Goodbye bed head!
  • Comfy, natural jammies: If you wear pajamas, make sure they're as comfortable as can be. Polyester can scratch and make you sweat. Switch to all-natural materials like cotton & silk.
  • Aromatherapy: Did you know lavender is a naturally calming sleep aid? Dot a little lavender oil on your temples or spray this fancy sleep aid on your pillow at night to relax into a deep sleep. You can also drop some lavender essential oil into your own home diffuser.
  • Sunrise Alarm Clock: Our bodies were built to be woken by the sunrise. If you're sleeping with blackout curtains, don't have a window in your bedroom, or have an early alarm you're likely waking in the pitch black. Sunrise alarms help simulate that sunrise glow to help your body wake up more naturally & feel rested.
  • White Noise Machine: Do you have trouble sleeping in pure silence? Or, like our experience in New York City, are there disturbing noises outside your window? Drown out that noise & give your ears a constant rhythm with an ambient noise machine.”

– Claire Eliza, Editor-in-Chief of Bridal Musings

It’s all about “me, myself and I time.”

“I love being in tune with my body and soul, and therefore it is so important to give my body the break and the time it deserves! I call it the “me, myself and I time.”

A few years ago, when I got married to my now-husband, I used to make myself this so-tempting and relaxing hot bubble bath! I would stock up on those aromatic bath bombs, essential oils and everything pretty that smelled good. That was my indulgent time of the day! And let me tell you, as soon as I was out of that bath, my body was so happy and would automatically be forced in this relaxed mode.

I also remember from my time of being a bridal consultant in a bridal boutique, I would often see brides come in consumed and practically exhausted by the wedding planning. I would automatically share with them my story of the “me, myself, and I time!” A lot of them would end up writing to me and letting me know that they tried it and that it was life-changing in their routine! I know everybody is different but at the end of the day, you want to find this one thing that makes your body and soul happy!” – Sarah Alouache, Creative Director, Designer & Founder of Sarah Alouache Bridal

Photo by Valorie Darling Photography via Bridal Musings

Exercise regularly.

“Get yourself into a solid fitness routine leading up to your wedding. Not only do moderate-to-intense workouts help you fall asleep faster and stay asleep longer, but exercise will also make your complexion glow! When you amp up your heart rate, your circulation gets a boost. This results in more oxygen and nutrients being delivered to your skin. Being that regular workouts promote better quality sleep and glowing skin? It's a no brainer to get yourself into a consistent routine for your wedding—and beyond!” – Jenna Miller, Creative Director of Here Comes The Guide

Start going to bed earlier and waking up earlier.

“If you want to get some extra beauty sleep before your big day, start waking up earlier and going to bed earlier. It makes for a more restful sleep! I also suggest making space in your calendar so you have time to relax and you don't have a packed calendar leading up to your wedding day. Maybe that looks like taking some days off prior to your wedding or saying no to social events to make your life less stressful.” – Kari Dirksen, Feathered Arrow Events

Plan ahead if you are going to be up late the night before.

“We are all about developing good habits leading up to your wedding day. But, you can throw them out the window if you go too hard the day before the wedding! If you know you are going to be up late at your welcome party, make sure to schedule any recovery services such as IVs or B12 shots well in advance of your wedding day.

If you plan on hitting the hay early before your big day grab your cutest jammies, put on a sleep mask and try to count the sheep and not your nerves! The next morning, grab a cup of coffee and rely on your glam squad to do what they do best!” – Jaime Kostechko, Wild Heart Events

Try to wrap up your day at least an hour before bed.

“Especially in the middle of wedding planning, your days are probably hectic! But a busy mind can inhibit your ability to get a good night’s sleep. Try to finish up any work (that includes wedding planning tasks too!) at least an hour before bed. This gives your mind time to rest and wind down. It can also be helpful to write out a to-do list or any notes for the next day, so that you’ve put aside any worries or “don’t forgets!” for the evening and can focus on getting good sleep.” – AJ Williams, Founder & Creative Director, AJ Events

Photo by Stepan Vrzala

Leave your phone out of your bedroom!

“You’ve probably heard this a dozen times, but don’t you think maybe there’s a reason for that?! Keeping your phone out of your bedroom at night means avoiding last-minute emails, texts, or calls. And of course, the ability to scroll through Instagram all night long. This may mean you’ll need to purchase an alarm clock to replace the alarm function on your phone. Trust us: it’s so worth it!” – AJ Williams, Founder & Creative Director, AJ Events

Stop drinking liquids 1-2 hours before bed.

“Do you find yourself waking up at night to go to the bathroom? Such constant disruption will have you & your skin feeling tired in the morning. Stop drinking liquids (especially tea or alcohol) at least one to two hours prior to bed.” – Claire Eliza, Editor-in-Chief of Bridal Musings

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These tips were gathered with help from Be Inspired PR, a PR + Social Media Agency for wedding, wellness & lifestyle clients. With over 10+ years of experience, we’re here to take our clients to the next level! Find oodles of stylish wedding inspiration on their Instagram & Pinterest.