Anyone else run into this problem: you’re scanning a couple’s wedding registry and all the cool gifts are already purchased? Or, have you been left wondering what to give a couple with no registry, that seemingly has it all? Meet us at the intersection of unique & useful, with mindful wedding gifts that reach beyond the wedding registry.

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Couples in 2023 are making more intentional choices with their wedding registry lists. They’re shopping small instead of at major retailers. They’re finding bespoke and eco-friendly items that suit their lifestyle. And in exchange for a year or more at home, couples want tech products that streamline their lives, they’re enjoying a household full of plants, and they’re upping their culinary skills.

Our all-inclusive list is for every type of couple, even the couple who has decided on a cash registry! Because if you’re anything like us, you really love to give gifts, too.

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Let’s help you make the perfect purchase for the newlywed couple in your life. And know that you don’t have to spend a large sum of money for your gift to be heartfelt. Contribute toward gifts that set happy moods and a lifetime of occasions they can celebrate in the future

Best Gifts for the Home

The Prettiest Silk Velvet Hand Sewn Blankets

This perfect handmade throw blanket has a luxurious look and feel making this blanket an upgrade for any newlywed couple.

Natural Zero Waste Bamboo Dish Scrubbers

Who knew cleaning dishes could look so chic? No more blue scrubbies, as 2023 is the year we level up our eco-conscious cleaning.

Handmade Recycled Teak Wooden Serving Bowl

A beautiful addition for hosting, and a sweet serving bowl for dinner for two.

The Sweetest Personalized Pet Bowl

The family pet deserves to match the household aesthetic with a personalized and chic food dish.

Best Gifts for Foodies

Sleek & Modern Toaster

Arguably the cutest toaster that doubles as decor for a lifetime of hearty avocado-toast-filled mornings.

The Trendy Air Fryer

It’s one of the newest kitchen gadgets to take the internet by storm, and guaranteed to be a smash hit for the newlyweds.

Mortar & Pestle

Rubs, pesto, spreads, this gift has a lifetime of meals ahead with no expiration date.

Pickle of the Month Club

Choose the duration of your subscription and surprise your favorite couple with the perfect addition to sandwiches and charcuterie board wine nights.

Cold Brew Coffee Maker

Low acidity cold brew, ready in your own home, whenever you need it – a coffee lover’s dream.

Pre-seasoned Wok

An often-overlooked kitchen essential, a pre-seasoned wok with handle like this one, makes this great for beginners or experts (as well as effortless tossing of your next pad see ew.)

Intimate Gifts to Share

Handmade Incense Kit

This gentle incense kit takes the place of more traditional smells, offering a soft ambiance for a relaxing state of mind.

Twisted Taper Candles

A unique twist on the traditional taper candle that sets a romantic and modern mood for two.

An Array Of Room Sprays

Snag a couple of these luxurious essential oil room sprays for an uplifting experience in every room.

Lover’s Nameplate Necklaces

This gift is for the bold at heart, the Gen Z couple, or the partners that are so inseparable that an initial or nameplate is a completely romantic gesture.

Curious Card Game

Encouraging empathy and sparking conversation, it’s the sweetest game for a couples night.

A Modern Personalized Couple’s Candle

Simple and effortless scents, personalize your own message to say “congrats” on their new favorite candle.

Best Gifts for Plant Lovers

Stylish Scissors

Scissors for delicate pruning of houseplants, flowers, or bonsai – and luxurious enough to stay on display.

Table Brush

Ideal for keeping a workbench, kitchen, or bathroom tidy.

Cylinder Succulent Pots

Complete this gift by selecting some miniature plants to pair with these earthy pots.

Handwoven Farmer’s Market Bag

Obviously, for the couple that loves dates at their local market and bringing home fresh produce or a flourishing bouquet.

Mini Copper Watering Can

Here’s to letting love grow along with all their bountiful houseplants.

Couples' Tech Gifts

White Noise Machine

This sound machine’s unique mixer function allows for a customized mix of whichever sounds feel the most soothing to relaxation and slumber.

Waterproof Bluetooth Portable Speaker

Vibe check: It’s portable, clip-able to nearly anything, and easy to sync to your phone’s Bluetooth settings.

Personalized Smart Light Bulbs

We predict 2023 to be the year of the vibe. These simple light bulbs are adjustable through their easy-to-use phone app, by voice, or other preexisting switches, making it easy to replace throughout the home and change the color and brightness of any room easily.

Device Charger Catch-all Tray

This tray allows you to wirelessly charge devices and stay organized in a thoughtful leather design.

Best Gifts for their Adventures Together

All-inclusive Picnic Basket

Plates, wine glasses, cheese board, this basket is the ultimate picnic-at-the-park lover’s dream kit.

Gourmet S’mores Kit

A tasty and aromantic sweets kit for the couple that loves camping or lounging around their own backyard bonfire.

Portable Pizza Oven

This portable pizza oven moves easily for storage and transportation from the porch to the beach, to anywhere else they can dream of that perfect pie.

Traveling Barware Set

This set is perfect for crafting cocktails at home – but ready for a spontaneous and romantic outing.

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Event Tickets From Stubhub

Giving the gift of an experience together is another excuse for a cute date night together. Concerts or comedy shows – treat them to their next evening out.

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