A rising gem for alternative engagement rings, Amethyst deserves your attention. The February birthstone isn't only perfect for February proposals. With lavender & lilac possibly the trendiest colors for 2022 weddings, this purple-hued gemstone makes a unique & beautiful engagement ring for her.

Often, when people think of alternative engagement rings or “anti engagement rings” they imagine rings with Black Onyx or Salt & Pepper Diamonds. However, not all alt-engagement rings have to be moody and dark! You can be a lover of pretty gemstones & feminine, whimsical colors while dreaming of a unique engagement ring.

So, we want to highlight all the reasons why you should consider an Amethyst wedding ring. From price to durability, spiritual meaning to favorite styles, consider this the ultimate guide to Amethyst engagement rings.

Is Amethyst Good Enough for an Engagement Ring?

Absolutely! In terms of durability, Amethyst ranks 7 on the Mohs hardness scale. While not as strong as Diamonds, Amethyst stones are high-quality enough to include in your wedding ring design. This is why you'll find Amethyst often in fine jewelry settings.

Are you asking yourself if Amethysts are special enough for an engagement ring? Our answer to that is 100% yes. Certainly, your future fiance is one of a kind. Choosing a unique type of stone for your engagement ring shows creativity, thought and care. Plus, if they love purple jewelry and purple engagement rings, it may suit them even better than a Diamond ring!

Amethyst Engagement Ring by Newado Jewel via Etsy

How Much Do Amethyst Engagement Rings Cost?

A purple form of Quartz, Amythest are considered abundant. Thus, the stones are quite inexpensive.

Compared to traditional mined Diamonds, Amethysts are a tiny fraction of the price per carat. Amethysts cost about $20 – $50 per carat compared to mined Diamonds starting at $2,000 per carat. Hello, statement engagement ring! This means more money to spend on a custom ring design, wedding budget, honeymoon suite or even embellish your Amethyst ring with Diamonds.

Now, that doesn't mean your ring won't have other costs. Much like when we covered Sapphire engagement rings, the final cost of your Amethyst engagement ring will depend on a number of factors. First, consider the material you use for the band and any accompanying stones. Then, take into account the complexity of design and the talent & experience of the designer. Maybe you’ve chosen an Amethyst & Diamond engagement ring? That’ll factor into the price as well. Hence, at the bottom of this post, we’ve shared our favorite Amethyst engagement rings in a wide range of budgets: priced from $500 to $2,000+.

What Do Amethysts Symbolize?

Aside from being the birthstone of February, Amethysts have held spiritual meaning for many societies throughout history. According to the International Gem Society, “Many cultures find spiritual overtones in amethysts. Often viewed as a stone of peace, some believe amethyst’s calming presence produces soothing dreams by bringing the dreamer more in tune with the Divine.” Ancient Egyptians used Amethysts in amulets to use for prayer & protect themselves. Early Christians associated the purple gemstone with Christ himself. “The gem’s purple colors represented purity of spirit.”

In conclusion, we think of Amethyst as a peaceful stone. Whether you find solace in religion, spirituality or any symbolism in stones.

Amethyst Engagement Ring Set by Dream Craft Jewelry via Etsy

Where Do Amethysts Come From?

Amethysts are a variety of Quartz, found in volcanic rock. Inside an Amethyst geode, you'll see a sparkling array of purple crystals. The largest quantities of Amethyst come from Zambia. South America has many large volcanic deposits in Brazil in Uruguay.

It is possible to buy these purple gems more locally, with Amethysts present in Arizona, North Carolina, Georgia, and Maine. South Carolina's state gem? Amethyst! So, if you have a Carolina bride or groom, it could be the perfect type of stone for your wedding ring!

Where Can I Find the Best Amethyst Engagement Rings?

Many of our favorite places to shop for engagement rings sell Amethyst engagement rings. Many of these designers & stores offer custom designs, too.

When engagement ring shopping – especially when you have something particular in mind – we always recommend checking the artisans & small businesses on Etsy. You can shop made-to-order, ready-to-ship & custom Amethyst engagement rings. In addition, you’ll find vintage heirloom rings as well!

Here are some of our favorite designs available to shop right now…

Amethyst & Diamond Engagement Ring

Vintage Floral Amethyst Engagement Ring with Diamond Band by La More Design via Etsy

Lavender Amethyst Engagement Ring

Lavender Amethyst Engagement Ring with Diamonds by W2N Jewelry via Etsy

Amethyst Engagement Ring Set

Natural Amethyst Engagement Ring Set by rst studio via Etsy

Green Amethyst Oval Engagement Ring

5 Carat Green Amethyst & Diamond Engagement Ring by Joon Jewelry Shop via Etsy

Amethyst Halo Engagement Ring Set

Amethyst Engagement Ring Set by Dream Craft Jewelry via Etsy

Alternative Amethyst Engagement Ring

Celestial Amethyst Engagement Ring by Rimon Fine Jewelry via Etsy

Emerald-cut Amethyst & Diamond Engagement Ring

Emerald-cut Natural Amethyst Engagement Ring by WF Home Elements via Etsy

Green Amethyst Engagement Ring

Rose Gold Green Amethyst Engagement Ring by La More Design via Etsy

Unique Purple Amethyst Engagement Ring

Unique Purple Amethyst Engagement Ring by Newado Jewel via Etsy

Lavender Amethyst Engagement Ring

Delicate Purple Lavender Amethyst & Moissanite Engagement Ring by Carat Drive via Etsy

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