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The Complete Guide To Buying & Selling Wedding Decor & Fashion

You’ve seen those swoon-worthy images on our BM Instagram page – extravagant ceremony backdrops, bridal fashion, and wedding tablescapes. If there’s been a wedding or styled shoot that’s served some serious “wedding goals,” then there’s also a vendor or artist selling and customizing these items to fit your perfect vision.

Whether it’s the draping, centerpieces, or your dream dress Wedzee brings this inspiration to life by leading the charge for all things weddings.

Here’s your sign to sell your own wedding decor and fashion online. Helping with the process is Wedzee, an online wedding marketplace that’s leading the way for wedding vendors and for newlyweds. It’s the space to buy and sell new, used, and custom-made wedding items.

For couples and wedding planners Wedzee is the ideal site to source wedding decor. It’s easy to search categories and find pieces that fit your vision. And for artisans and vendors, it’s the perfect site to sell wedding essentials uniquely designed by you.

Wedzee specifically caters to artisans and small businesses. Think Etsy for weddings. While many marketplace sites are a stream of miscellaneous items, Wedzee focuses specifically on weddings. This means as a seller, this site connects you immediately with an audience that’s looking for the items you’re selling.

So, let’s help you source or sell to your heart’s content! Here’s our complete guide to listing and selling your wedding items, decor, bridal fashion, handmade goods, and just about anything else you create.

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The Complete Guide To Buying Selling Wedding Decor and Fashion – Wedzee – Bridal Musings 2

Why Use Wedzee to Sell Your Wedding Decor and Fashion

Wedzee goes beyond the eBay, Facebook, or Etsy model, by focusing entirely on weddings. This means you’ll get a more focused search, more direct communication on the site, a safe checkout, and a worry-free guarantee on your items.

Sellers on Wedzee get to list items for free with an 8% commission charged on each order. You’ll take your own quality photos, set your price, and clearly describe your item. Once items sell, a shipping label is emailed to you. And once the item is received by the buyer, funds are instantly deposited into your account. This creates a safe environment for sellers, with ultra-low fees (unlike other sites) and a safe transaction process.

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Selling Items as a Small Business, Artisan or Vendor

Do you create one-of-a-kind, custom, or handmade items for weddings? Then this site is a hub for artists to list uniquely designed wedding items. Decor elements like ceremony arches or cake toppers can be listed just like other resale sites. However, unlike Etsy, Poshmark, eBay, or other marketplaces, Wedzee is strictly weddings only. Anyone planning a wedding can shop the marketplace and find exactly what you make, catered to their specific style and taste. This is a major plus selling point as a creator because you are honing in on the audience that’s searching for you!

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Selling Wedding Supplies After Your Wedding

Did you purchase items for your wedding that are new or gently used? Recoup a bit of your cost by listing your wedding items on Wedzee.

This includes items you used or purchased that you no longer need. Maybe you changed your colors, your theme, have no desire to keep your dress after the wedding, or just ended up with a surplus of things that you no longer need. Anything from shoes, veils, jewelry, wedding dresses, to table markers, vases, and reception signage is eligible to sell on Wedzee.

I Don’t Create, I Curate…

Wedzee is great for you, too. Similar to eBay or Etsy, you can list groups of items together. That means if you source collections and themed items or unique mix & match pieces, you can list those items together in one lot. This cuts out the work for brides or wedding planners who are hoping to source groups of similar items. They save time without needing to “thrift” or scan the internet, and you can sell your new, custom-created, or sourced items in a unique way. It’s perfect for cutting out the work of listing each piece individually and capitalizing on wedding-specific decorating needs.

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Take Clear Images

You don’t need to be a photographer or an expert in product photography to list your items on Wedzee. All you need are clear images with natural lighting that capture the true essence of what you are selling.

Here are a few tips. For a minimalist approach, take high-quality images, focused on details, and against a neutral or solid color backdrop. Think of products listed on mainstream retail sites that include clear images with multiple angles. In the case of accessories like jewelry or clothing, active shots on a person will help give the items purpose. This helps buyers visually understand how to interact with or how to style your item. Context is key, so if you’re selling centerpieces, include images of the item on its own, and the item stylized in an inspiring way.

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Photo by Rikonavt on Unsplash

Have Your Items Cleaned

If you plan to resell items like clothing, linens, or dishware, plan to have your items cleaned. Wedding dresses or fabric accessories should be professionally dry cleaned at a place that specializes in wedding dress services. This also means you can charge a bit more for your items, restoring them closer to their “like new” condition. If you are selling dishware or food-related items, be sure to thoroughly clean and dry them beforehand as well.

Pro Tip: call your local bridal salon for their recommended cleaners!

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Guy Basabose – The Complete Guide To Buying Selling Wedding Decor and Fashion – Wedzee – Bridal Musings 1

How to Get the Highest Return for Your Wedding Decor & Fashion

Consider how you’re selling your items. Large and unique items may be better listed individually, while smaller items may be more cost-effective to list as a group. For example, vases, ribbons, coordinating or mix & match sets make sense for buyers to purchase in a lot, versus individually.

Make your items easy to search. Users can shop by their wedding colors, by item category, and condition of the items new/custom/pre-loved. Be sure to fill in all information regarding condition, colors, and add tags to your items. Think of how someone may search for this item and list that search term as a tag (example: wooden table numbers should include tags such as: rustic décor, wooden décor, rustic wedding, wooden table signs, rustic table décor).

Also, keep in mind the versatility of your pieces. Items that can work for a larger range of styles and aesthetics will call to a larger range of shoppers. Consider what weddings need. Signs aren’t only cute, but essential for guests to understand where they sit, where to find food and drink, where to take photos – you get the idea. Items like these are needed for the flow of the day and can be customized and uniquely made and sold by you.

If you are selling a name-brand item or a larger hot ticket item, then be specific in the listing. While this may seem obvious, making sure you’ve researched and included the brand, the proper name or style, and important keywords in your listing will make this item easier to find across the web.

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Essential Info

Sign up with Wedzee to buy and sell new and used wedding items all in one place. Wedzee is the first smart marketplace that connects former and future brides, wedding planners, artisans and small business owners.

Be sure to follow Wedzee on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest for more wedding planning ideas and to make the most of your wedding shopping and selling experience.

This post is made in partnership with Wedzee.

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