So as soon as you get married (oh happy day!) the next question from family members & friends is usually to do with babies…can't we just enjoy being a married couple first please?!

You may have had ‘the talk' or you may not be ready for them just yet (or you may have bucked the tradition & already had children thank you very much) but super organised web savvy couples are pre-registering their future children's website domains!

The Babysquatter website is very tongue in cheek about it all, with the option to change the site colours depending on whether you're searching for a boy's or girl's name.

But with the huge demand for simple web domains it may just catch on. (If you have a business website or struggled to find an email address with your name you may be able to understand.)

I'm almost certain my geeky husband will seriously consider this for a few minutes…

So, lucky for us, a couple of our top names are still available:

Pink for a girl and blue for a boy, of course.

(I find it so sad when the 4 year olds I teach say this, as though it is the law. It's such a shame that some colours are considered off-limits & it's not fair because it's always worse for the boys who like pink. Society just keeps perpetuating this unwritten rule. It's so silly!)

Sorry, rant over.

What do you think? Crazy idea or pure genius?

I'd love to hear your views. (In case you haven't noticed, comments are always very much appreciated!) x