A few years ago, the majority of British hen nights consisted of a few tacky accessories, lots of drinks and a trip to the local nightclub or…ahem ‘Dream Boys' show. But my, how things have changed.

Nowadays, Hen Dos {or Bachelorette parties} are a big part of the wedding planning process. Brides and their maids spend a lot of time trying to consider new, unique, fun ideas and activities {I know I did!}

I was having a little nose around UK based Go Hen's website and was blown away by the range of activities on offer!

When I was planning my own hen do (yes I'm a control freak and insisted on planning my own hen do) I avoided such websites because I thought all they could offer was pole dancing classes and the afore mentioned ‘Dream Boys' whereas I wanted to do something a bit more chic & unique.

BUT I was pleasantly surprised to find out that GoHen have activities to suit all women, young and old: such as pampering spa breaks, cocktail making lessons, craft activities, life drawing lessons, lingerie making workshops and even luxury yacht charters in Ibiza!

Cocktails & Whoopie Pies

A new activity idea that caught my eye is one for all you sweet-toothed, DIY lovelies who fancy trying something a little different. It's called Cocktails & Whoopie Pie! {It makes me happy just saying it.}

We've seen a lot of whoopie pies or, as I like to call them, ‘confused cupcakes' grace dessert tables on American wedding blogs recently. Have a look at this scrumptious lot:

Source: Annie's Eats

Don't they look yummy? They are just so cute. What I really love about whoopie pies is that they're not meant to look perfect so even a seriously domestically challenged girl like me could make them!

I bet this activity would be lots of fun. GoHen even warn you on their website not to wear your best clothes as things tend to get messy! {Well it would do wouldn't it with cocktails, chocolate and cake involved.}

Whoopie pies could even be used as favours so after you've honed your skills with the girls on your hen do you could make some for your guests too!

via: Edyta Szyszlo

Here's what GoHen have to say about their fabulous Cocktails and Whoopie Pies activity which is available in either London and Brighton:

This activity is all about putting on your apron, taking to the kitchen and having lots of fun with the girl’s as you learn how to create whoopie pies.

It has been said that the cupcake is dead and this new take on the macaroon is next in line for that comfort food fix. This session is an excellent alternative to the more traditional cookery lesson and also meets the same demand as a chocolate making workshop.

By the end of the 2 hour activity you would have picked up some insider tips on how the make the perfect sponge and how to flavour your whoopie pies, discovered a secret recipe for the perfect butter frosting and mouth watering marshmallow filling and shaken your own chocolate martini, after decadently dipping your martini glass in molten Green & Black’s milk chocolate for the wow factor in presentation.

Source: Go Hen

Wow! This hen activity looks like such an amazing explosion of calorific naughtiness! {Surely the Bridal/Bridesmaids diet can be put on hold…just for a little while?}

If you'd like to find out more about this activity or the huge range of other activities on offer visit www.gohen.com

So have you got any chic or unique plans for your hen do?!

Elizabeth x