Are you an allergy-prone bride or groom? You love the look of billowing bridal bouquets but you're not interested in sneezing your way down the aisle? Believe it or not, allergy-friendly florals are a thing…

Florals by Fig & Flower

To help our fragrance-adverse and pollen-sensitive brides and grooms, we embarked on some enticing floral research. “Which flowers were the least likely to cause allergies?”, we wondered. Searching for florals with minimal fragrances, and flowers least likely to cause allergy outbreaks, we discovered a number of top allergy-friendly flowers and creative wedding floral alternatives.

Whether you're concerned about engulfing allergy-prone guests in pollen and fragrant floral decor or you're just choosing the best blooms for your bridal bouquet, here are our best choices for hypoallergenic wedding florals…

Florals by Bloom & Wild


Great news, everyone's favorite wedding flowers, peonies, are not only breathtakingly beautiful but also hypoallergenic. The large blooms take up plenty of space in arrangements, making them perfect as an allergy-friendly focal point in bouquets and centerpieces.

Florals by Passiflora photographed by Jenny Haas


Hydrangeas have a special trait that makes them allergy-free. Because their pollen is so sticky, it can't release into the air. And even more exciting, from a design perspective, is that hydrangeas take up quite a lot of space. This means if you want a wedding floral scene that is entirely hypoallergenic, you can fill the space quickly and easily with billowing hydrangeas. Make a floral statement with entirely monochromatic hydrangea altars, installations and bouquets. Or, mix together beautiful hues of blue, purple, pink, white and muted green.


Remarkably low in pollen, orchids are one of the most allergy-friendly florals one can find. Opulent in style and available in a wide array of colors and sizes, this is a great floral for tropical wedding decor or formal black-tie events.

Spring Bulbs & Rhizomes

Brides and grooms marrying in Springtime are spoiled with choices of local, seasonal hypoallergenic wedding flowers. Tulips, daffodils and irises all contain low pollen counts. With a rainbow of colors to choose from in iconic, artistic forms, each of these florals can create a beautiful, showy bridal bouquet.

Florals by Stems of ATX


As beautifully fragrant florals, one might believe roses are a poor choice for people with allergies. On the contrary, the self-pollinating rose releases seductive scents without emitting airborne pollen. So, if your allergy worries are pollen-based (rather than fragrance sensitive) you can absolutely include the classic rose in your wedding florals and bouquet.

Cacti, Succulents and Airplants

If you're particularly sensitive to pollen and smells, you can embrace the trending Southwest with cacti and succulents. Succulents in muted tones of sage green, dusty blue and pale pink make beautiful additions to boutonnieres and bouquets. Cacti planted in pots make creative statement centerpieces for your table decor (and wedding favors, too!) Airplants, too, are a fun floral featured in terrariums and throughout your wedding decor.

Silk Florals

If you want to ditch the pollen and fragrances of living flowers altogether, silk florals in the modern age are quite lifelike. Companies like Something Borrowed Blooms and Afloral specialize in premium, luxury silk florals. These faux florals are so like the real thing, your guests will hardly notice. Plus, you won't sneeze even once on your way down the aisle.

Florals by Floraltique

Dried Florals

Those following the dried floral wedding trend will not only benefit from the modern, floral design but also a void of allergens floating around your wedding space. Dried florals give off an organic vibe and can be used in your wedding bouquets and decor and then reused later in your home, giving you a beautiful wedding day keepsake. You can shop dried florals from small businesses and artisans on Etsy, and Afloral as well.

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